Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brazilian Novelist Paulo Coelho Caricatured - Signing

Tonight I'm posting three images of Brazilian Novelist Paulo Coelho taken by Photographer Marcos Borges from Odense, Denmark as he was presenting the caricature portrait I did of Mr. Coelho from a photograph taken by Marcos as a gift. Marcos also got the Writer to autograph two other matted copies for Marcos and myself. It should be on the way in the mail now. Looking forward to it. Below is the completed portrait and source image as well as an interview with Mr. Coelho.

 Marcos presenting the portrait to Paulo Coelho
The finished manipulated caricature of Brazilian Novelist Paulo Coelho. The original image was taken by Photographer Marcos Borges from Odense, Denmark. Marcos has plans to take the image to Mr. Coelho and get it autographed...actually two copies, one for each of us. I like guy's features. He was a lot of fun. One of the few that went real fast. Below is the original source image. Before this there was a liquify sketch posted here.

Paulo Coelho by Photographer Marcos Borges
Paulo Coelho Interview 2008

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