Friday, October 28, 2011

Business Updates And Recent Commissions

Tonight I'm posting a couple of updates on two projects I have put a good bit of work into lately. Above is the finalized cover for "The Browser Magazine". You can learn more about the magazine and the online version at this link. There's also more information about The browser Magazine on my previous post on the commission at this link. There is a page inside dedicated to my work as well. I will be doing work on a regular basis with this magazine and will be a permanent installment there.

I was also contacted by Catchphrase Entertainment and New Coast Productions about the movie poster I had been working on for California 90420 to be released very soon. They wanted me to go ahead and do the type setting, billing block etc. for the final poster which will be printed in three sizes as well as use as the DVD jewel case cover, so the final product is below. I also made a few changes from the previous design. Check me out! My first billing block menton. :) You can also learn more about the movie as well as watch a trailer on previous posts on this commission here and here. I am working on a portrait commission at the moment and will post it when it's complete. Sorry for the lack of posts. My business is picking up and I've been working on some things on the business side which aren't a lot of fun but need to be attended to. I will be hiring an assistant soon so I will have more time to do my work and as a result make more regular blog posts. Thanks for hanging in there with me guys!

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!
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