Friday, September 16, 2011

The Browser Magazine ~ October Issue Cover

This is a mockup of my next magazine cover commission for The Browser Magazine's October issue featuring Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear TV show in the UK. Check out their new fan page and support them with a like. Keep a watch on this company and bookmark the site as I have a surprise inside the October 1st issue, and I will be a permanent fixture in this magazine offering my services. It's a great magazine, check out their site by clicking the above image or the links provided. That's "The Browser Magazine"  LIKE LIKE LIKE  &  SHARE SHARE SHARE!

The Browser Magazine was developed initially as a guide to what's good on the internet. With the advent of the digital age, we realised that the web was actually plugged into almost everything we did in the real world. This meant there would be lots of areas to cover. The good, the bad, and the ugly part of cyber space is a huge area to cover, and we want to create a massive community of interactive readers to share their experience and recommendations.
We are a  team of web savy individuals, happy to learn more about the potentials of the net. At Reach Media, We are truly global just like the world wide web. Writers, contributors, and the rest of the editorial team come from various global locations with one thing in common - "Dissect the web"

External publishing
Our editorial team are able to provide contract publishing related to the internet and the digital age. Beyond this title, we are able to provide tech and  internet related content for other publications in any language.

The magazine launched it's first issue at the end of August 2011. All members of our team are available at your disposal. Available for write ups, research, and publication design and production.
Reach Media
London SE14 5TW   02072074363  
Contact email:

Click the image below to view the August issue:

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