Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stolen Artwork Being Sold on

My Thom Yorke caricature for sale!
My original Thom Yorke that I actually uploaded to the site tonight

Tonight I'm making a post to expose Paul Howell of New Rochelle, New York for selling artwork he stole from me and others I recognized. They are being sold on I first noticed the Thom Yorke image above which is clearly stolen. That's a screen capture of my image as I uploaded it to the site tonight. I decided to go back and have another look and I counted 8 of my manipulated caricatures for sale by the so-called artist, Paul Howell. The links with Paul Howell's name are links to his website. Be sure and stop by and email him. I did. The link for is a link to their site but specifically his page, which I spliced together from multiple screen captures. Be sure and share this with all of your friends. Thanks!

A little information on Paul Howell:
Paul Howell
103 Belleau Ave
New Rochelle, NY. 10804
Phone: 914.630.4866
Paul's Web Site

Paul Howell's web site with 8 of my works displayed

This is Paul Howell's personal web site. I counted nine of my images on his front page.
This is Paul Howell's personal web site

I dropped Paul Howell an email to say hi and invite him to my blog post:
Drop him an email. I did.

I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day and be inspired!
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