Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lil Wayne Toasted

Lil Wayne Toasted

This image of Rapper Lil Wayne (Official Wiki Page), was originally a commissioned piece for FHM magazine several years back and as many of the images I did for the magazine, it was a bit reserved. I'm not entirely sure why everything I did for them has to be so subdued. I assume so nobody got offended. Well, we all know Lil Wayne wouldn't be Lil Wayne unless he was toasted so I spiced this one up a bit for my image archives and added the marijuana theme. I also used this one a while back for but the images were web based and very low resolution, so I just tweaked the old one a bit for that commission. One thing that was good with that client was that pretty much anything goes so no worries with offending anyone. I'll be posting several of these tweaked old images in part to update my product portfolio and because they are only updates to the originals, they're good for this time I'm still slightly out of commission with my back. I can do these fairly quickly so it works out good for now. I have many in the making though that are much more complex experimenting with color, saturation, texture and the use of patterns in the backgrounds. I'll also be pushing the exaggeration a bit more in many of the upcoming caricature illustrations so stay tuned. If your interested in any of these images, you can check out my store or simply click the images for more details. As always if you have any commission inquiries, please feel free to email me at or fill out my contact form at the link provided. I have a few of these finished so check back tomorrow for more like this.

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