Friday, November 24, 2017

BB King and Lucile 2017

BB King and Lucile 2017

Tonight I'm posting a caricature of Blues King, BB King with a slight twist. I've been experimenting with some new techniques in an attempt to freshen up my work and add some interest. These first few images that I'll be posting are just thoughts and ideas thrown around and this is the first of several to come over the next few days or weeks. In these new images, I'll be experimenting with much more bold color and saturation as well as textures and patterns and you'll see more what I'm talking about over the next few posts. This one was very loose and quick mainly trying to get the basic color scheme down. The images will become much more complex, abstract and bold as time goes on, or that's my intent anyhow. I have several in the making but am not able to post any of the more complex images as I'm still recovering from back surgery and not able yet to put in the hours needed to finish these complex images. You'll see what I mean as time goes on. For the time being, I'll be posting my thoughts in color, patterns and textures very loosely applied.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!

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