Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trump Impeached

Trump Impeached
Ok, so I was searching something on the internet a few days ago and came across the term impeachment and to my surprise, almost all of the google images related to that term were specifically about "Trump Impeachment". I know I'll take some serious heat from my Republican friends on this post and suffer a hit to my social following but so be it. I'm not against Trump at all and for the majority of my life, I've voted conservative but you have to admit, Donald trump is far out of line and something needs to be done. Is impeachment the answer? I don't know but he is out of control on many issues. Regardless, I typically try to keep my political and religious views to myself, even though I do make posts with political content but this time I had to say how I feel about this man running our country. I would hope he could find it within himself to turn things around but I and many others including his own Republican Senators have either serious doubts or have lost hope. I know there is fake news out there on both sides. This is politics and it can get dirty but I try to watch both conservative and liberal news and my deduction after looking at both sides is that Donald Trump should not be in office. Is he really the best that this nation has to offer for out commander and chief? Is he the man to control our national security? Can I trust my children's future on his decisions? I wish he was but I'm afraid I can't. Feel free to post your views on this subject.

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