Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Premonition From 2010

This is a very old Photoshop contest entry from 2010 called "Premonition". This was actually one of my very first photo-manipulations at Freakin News which is now gone, sadly to say. This image was a "Freakshow" contest entryway back and was a prediction of what was to come of the Obama administration. I had long ago forgot about this image. It's certainly not one of my best but while sifting through my archives, I came across it by accident and it sort of rang a bell. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against former President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and certainly not John McCain who in my eyes was a great American War hero. Though surreal in nature and maybe a bit harsh, this image, which was made in 2010 does somewhat reflect the times as far as these individuals are concerned. Barack Obama is aging after many years of service as our President, Nancy Pelosi is somewhat a has been in the news today, and tragically, a great Vietnam War Hero and ex POW, John McCain is suffering from a very aggressive brain cancer. I hope this image isn't too morbid for you. It just struck a cord with me when I ran across it. I'm sure some of the old Freaking News choppers would understand.

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