Friday, June 16, 2017

Dr Trumpenstein

This is an old image I created in Photoshop years ago for a Photoshop contest called "Freak Show". I was never happy with it so I decided to revisit it and have a little fun by adding some current figures. I think every town / city has their own creepy old guy TV show who hosts horror movies... Trump kind of reminds me of those guys so here you have it, Dr Trumenstein and Jeff (lost his head) Sessions. Also, Freak Show just seems appropriate for out political system today, don't you think? If you're interested in seeing this image in high resolution or purchasing it, please visit my store. There are over 300 images in the store that can be purchased as well as dozens of FREE downloads. As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me via my contact form if you have any commission inquiries.
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