Monday, December 14, 2015

Forgive me if this sounds brash but Humana Healthcare has ticked me off and done me a terrible disservice. After many years with this company and after consulting with them completely, they told me that my best option was to disenroll from them. They completely fumbled my case and I did what they recommended. I'm sure it was for their benefit but not mine.  Now, even though I threw away valuable benefits, I am no longer eligible to enroll in the program again for nearly a year. Humana, completely misinformed me, gave me false information that will cost me money every month and screwed up my healthcare plan for a long time. Their comment and I quote was; "Your out of luck". I hope that my friends and followers will share this among their social networks and show these people that their corporate presence is not as huge as they imagine. Please share this post if you are disgusted with the way these people handle business. Thank you!

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