Thursday, July 24, 2014

Snap It, Tag It, Share It… Leafit and it pays you!

How many of you out there share images to Facebook, Google+, Instagram or any social platform for simply the enjoyment of networking and sharing? Many of us do it every day and we do it for free. How would you like to have an app that allows you to do the same thing at no cost to you and earn money doing it? There’s a new viral app coming out in a matter of days that will do just that and much more. The app is called Leafit or as it’s sometimes called, the "it app”. Learn a little about how it works below. Click here to join now at no charge!!!

Snap It, Tag It, Share It… and it pays you!

Leafit is a game-changing new social networking platform that harnesses the power of profit sharing to let you earn money from the photos you post every day, just by sharing the products you love with the friends, family and followers you are already connected to.

Simply post a picture with your it app and it’s instantly shared with your other connected social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When your friends click on the link, it allows them to purchase the product at the lowest price online.

The it app searches major brand name retailers, including giants like Macy’s, Target, Kohls, Nikon, and thousands of others, to find the best online price for tagged products or services. To top it off , when someone purchases a product or service as a direct result of your picture, you make a commission from that purchase!

Why waste time searching for the lowest price online, when we shop over 18,000 retailers for you. Introducing Leafit, a new social network where our it app will find the absolute lowest prices online for great products and services. Then, you can share what you find with your friends, as they share what they find with you.

The Leafit Associate program is the perfect storm of incredible opportunity to get in on something hu early, and with amazing earning potential. I’m glad I didn't wait one second longer to join. In less than a week, I am watching the numbers rise daily. Check it out... no obligation. I hope to see you there!

Join now at no charge!!!

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