Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Newyear 2015

Happy Newyear 2015
Happy Newyear 2015 courtesy of J. C. Leyendecker.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas 2014 to all from Mr Bean and JC Leyendecker!!!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

StyleMed Magazine Feature

StyleMed Magazine Feature
This is my most recent feature in StyleMed Magazine out of Mexico. Maybe some of my Hispanic friends can tell me what it says. :)

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 from J. C. Leyendecker and Mr Bean!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Robin Williams 1951 - 2014 Caricature Commission for Corbis

Robin Williams

This is a work in progress of Robin Williams, a caricature commissioned by the image company Corbis for a story on Robin Williams’ life. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

B-Real Does the Weed Bucket Challenge for ALS

This is a recent illustration for +Weedmaps and of B-Real of Cypress Hill. B-Real from Cypress Hill has now put his own clever spin on the ALS fundraiser. Read all about it here. Lots more to come very soon.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Dies Far Too Young

Robin Williams
This piece was done in collaboration with and +Weedmaps as a tribute to a great actor and comedian Robin Williams who died yesterday at the age of 63. Far too young for such a talented celebrity. This image was used by for the tribute article which can be found here. Below is the man in action. RIP Robin Williams.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Richard Nixon Caricature Illustration for Weedmaps

How Nixon Destroyed the Evidence on Marijuana
This is my most recent caricature illustration of Richard Nixon as it appeared on The article is about how Nixon destroyed the evidence on a study that he ordered intending to keep marijuana from being rescheduled but it backfired on him. The report came back showing that marijuana has no ill effects on physical or mental health and recommended that it be rescheduled. Read it for yourself here. It's a good read, very eye opening but be prepared, there's a lot of harsh language in some, ... all of Nixon's quotes.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Charity Golf Tournament for Multiple Sclerosis Hosted by Weedmaps

WeedMaps Sponsored Golf Tournament
Big news!! I've been invited to an all expenses paid trip to Denver Colorado for the 5th Annual Clinic Charity Golf Tournament hosted by Weedmaps. will be sponsoring The 5th Annual Clinic Charity Classic, a golf tournament to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Clinic and Weedmaps will be bringing together some of Colorado and the nation’s finest industry leaders and hopefully, you and your guest! All proceeds from the event go towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and event costs. 

The event will be held on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Lunch will be served at 12:30 PM! Full details regarding the event can be found right here. We hope you can join us for the 5th Annual Clinic Charity Classic.

Can’t wait! Hope to see some Colorado friends there.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Fires Back, Calls All Stoners “Morons”

Bill O'Reilly
This is my latest illustration for one of my new clients, which is the sister company to WeedMaps. This was for an article about Bill O'Reilly calling pot smokers morons. Check out the article yourself here. Also check out their new Google+ Pages, and +WeedMaps. Look for more funny stuff to come!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Snap It, Tag It, Share It… Leafit and it pays you!

How many of you out there share images to Facebook, Google+, Instagram or any social platform for simply the enjoyment of networking and sharing? Many of us do it every day and we do it for free. How would you like to have an app that allows you to do the same thing at no cost to you and earn money doing it? There’s a new viral app coming out in a matter of days that will do just that and much more. The app is called Leafit or as it’s sometimes called, the "it app”. Learn a little about how it works below. Click here to join now at no charge!!!

Snap It, Tag It, Share It… and it pays you!

Leafit is a game-changing new social networking platform that harnesses the power of profit sharing to let you earn money from the photos you post every day, just by sharing the products you love with the friends, family and followers you are already connected to.

Simply post a picture with your it app and it’s instantly shared with your other connected social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When your friends click on the link, it allows them to purchase the product at the lowest price online.

The it app searches major brand name retailers, including giants like Macy’s, Target, Kohls, Nikon, and thousands of others, to find the best online price for tagged products or services. To top it off , when someone purchases a product or service as a direct result of your picture, you make a commission from that purchase!

Why waste time searching for the lowest price online, when we shop over 18,000 retailers for you. Introducing Leafit, a new social network where our it app will find the absolute lowest prices online for great products and services. Then, you can share what you find with your friends, as they share what they find with you.

The Leafit Associate program is the perfect storm of incredible opportunity to get in on something hu early, and with amazing earning potential. I’m glad I didn't wait one second longer to join. In less than a week, I am watching the numbers rise daily. Check it out... no obligation. I hope to see you there!

Join now at no charge!!!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Client - WeedMaps - Louis Armstrong Caricature

Louis Armstrong caricature study
Yesterday I delivered the first of many commissioned pieces to my newest client, WeedMaps. Above is a screen capture of yesterdays post by of Louis Armstrong.

Weedmaps is an online legal marijuana community that allows users to review and discuss cannabis strains and local dispensaries. The website is similar to Yelp and contains a database with over 3,000 medical marijuana dispensaries and 25,000 strains of cannabis. The company was launched in July 2008 by Justin Hartfield and Keith Hoerling. The site attracts approximately Two Million monthly visitors and has annual revenue of $18 million. Weedmaps is widely considered the industry leader and premier medical marijuana site on the web, catering to the entire industry from patients to businesses and continues to see substantial growth.

The majority of the commissions will be seen on their sister company If you haven't seen their YouTube Channel, WeedMapsTV you should check it out. I'll be doing several pieces for WeedMaps as well as working with them on social media and SEO. WeedMaps will be flying me to California to do an interview and demo on their show next month. Great bunch of people. I look forward to working with them. Should have some fun stuff come out of this venture. Stay tuned! 
Louis Armstrong caricature study

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Willie Nelson Caricature Study

This is a very mild caricature study of the great Willie Nelson. I'm not much on country music but I've always admired Willie Nelson. Below is a little sample of this great entertainer.

Willie Nelson doing what he does best...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Work on CelebriQuiz - A New Google App

Check out my work work on CelebriQuiz, a  new Google app for iPhones and iPads. Download it here and upvote my images:

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ugo Cei - A Google+ Caricature Study

Uogo Cei
This is a caricature study of a good friend and fellow artist Ugo Cei. I met Ugo on Google+ in the beta testing days where he is very active with his photography work. Check out some samples of Ugo's work below as well as a short interview.

Firstly, can you tell me a bit about yourself.  Why did you get into photography to begin with?
I am an amateur photographer from Italy. I consider myself lucky for having a day job that pays for my passion for photography, so I can shoot what I like, when I like and not feel the pressure to make money from it, but I would still like to do more photography and have it pay for all the gear I want to get or all the travel to get me to places to shoot.

I was almost always interested in photography, but it was the advent of digital that made me really dig into it. I am a computer expert and find digital infinitely more convenient than analog.
What style of photographs do you shoot?
I wish I could say I have a consistent style, but I am still struggling to define my personal one. I like vibrant colors and rich black and white, but I prefer a natural, not overdone look.

What type of photography do you enjoy shooting most?
I love nature and enjoy immensely shooting landscapes, but I am also interested in the people and the cultural aspects of the places I visit. There's a ton of genres I would like to explore: food, nighttime, studio portraits, just to name a few.

How did you come to find your own particular style?
What style? ;)

Photography is often considered separate from other forms of Art.  Perhaps because we are often capturing or recording something that already exists.  What are your thoughts?  Would you consider yourself an artist?

I think the debate on whether photography should be considered an art has been settled in the positive long ago. I consider myself an aspiring artist, in that I struggle to create something that can transmit a feeling and an emotion and not just document reality. It's not easy and I am just at the beginning of my route, but I am trying.
What area of photography do you struggle with most?
Portraits are still hard for me, not for technical reasons, but because I have little experience in dealing with human subjects, to put them at ease, and to get the best out of them. I am hoping my Stranger A Day project will help me with that.
If you had €1000 to spend right now on something photography related, what do you think would be the best way to spend it to enable you to improve?
Education: books, courses, and workshops. Spending money on these things will give much better and lasting returns than gear.


Ugo Cei is a travel, landscape and fine art photographer from Italy.

A geek at heart, he loves the technical aspects of digital photography and understanding what goes inside the machine.

His clients include Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, and Alitalia.


Twitter: @ucphoto

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

John Goodman - A Caricature Study

John Goodman
This is a caricature study of John Goodman. He has great features for a caricature and I've wanted to do a study of him for some time and I decided to take a break from my normal pay jobs and do something for me and just for fun today. I hope you like it!

I'm finally back online after a nightmare of problems with my Apple iMac 27". I've had numerous problems with my computer system over the past 3 years and it all came to a head in the last few weeks. I worked with several senior advisors at Apple Corporation trying to resolve these issues. After a week down trying to fix the machine, Apple finally agreed to replace my entire system. All seems well now, so I can get back to doing what I love most. I can now also get back to work on a new project I'm fortunate enough to be a founding member of, The Nucleus Project. Check it out and let me know if you're interested in being a part of this growing online community.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Nucleus Project

“Building Business Together For EVERYONE’S Success” 
The online community, products and training for you to succeed online
Click here to visit The Nucleus Project
I'm very fortunate in that I am a founding member of the great organization called "The Nucleus Project". So… what’s it all about?

The Nucleus Project is about an online community, Internet marketing systems, training and making money. Individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, trainers, public speakers, charities and direct sales companies are now becoming part of the project to assist not only themselves but are also encouraging others to benefit from our unique business model. The business model, products and technology platforms have been over 2 years in development.

Feel free to check out this new social platform by clicking the above banner or the links provided. 

How can I benefit?

Everyone looking to the Internet as their future in business needs the tools and training to succeed. The combination of all our products and services and training,  allow you to use our platform to develop any business of your choice. For those who choose to promote our opportunity our rewards plan can be very lucrative.

The Real Solution You Have Been Looking For…

The proper mix of technology, resources and personalities has finally become available and has created a situation where the vision of creating and maintaining a platform that can help people become successful online can become reality. We’d like to give the results of our team’s combined experience, skill and hard work totaling more than 120 years! Here is what we have created for you …

A system that...
  • Gives you a business platform engineered for success.
  • Generates business income for you.
  • Teaches you everything you need to know about online business.
  • Connects you with an entire community of business professionals.
  • Gives you a personal contact list any business person would almost die for.
  • Provides you a host of business and marketing tools to cut your effort, time and costs.
  • Directly contributes to the charities you decide.
  • And also provides an entire robust and versatile platform for any charity you invite to join.
  • You can also invite any network company to profit from this platform – a true win-win-win proposition.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Henry A. Kissinger - A Caricature Study

Henry A. Kissinger
This is a quick caricature study of Henry A. Kissinger. I saw he was in the news recently and I didn't realize he was still alive. Going strong at present, the 90 year old Kissinger is a great subject for a caricature. I didn't push this one too hard because he has so much character already. A fun subject to work with. Here's a little about him below.

Henry A. Kissinger was sworn in on September 22, 1973, as the 56th Secretary of State, a position he held until January 20, 1977. He also served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs from January 20, 1969, until November 3, 1975. At present, Dr. Kissinger is Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm. For a detailed list of Dr. Kissinger's other activities, please see his biography.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Social Media Portrait Commission

This is the latest google+ Caricature commission. Cute kid!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rodney Pike Digital Art Summit Caricature Demo

Above is a caricature study of Joschka Fischer who was the subject of a Digital Art Summit I was invited to be a part of by Tim O'neal of Digital Paint Magazine, as well as a 90 minute teaching video and caricature demo from start to finish. Click on the image below for viewing details.

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