Thursday, September 12, 2013

View My Caricatures on Bitmado, A New Free Mobile App

Today’s post is to announce my most recent collaboration with a pretty cool Android mobile app called bitmado. They call it a “shuffling wallpaper engine” on their official description and I can see why after playing around with it on my Nexus 7. By following the wallpaper category called “caricatures”on bitmado, you’ll be able to see my artwork shuffling live on both your homescreen and lockscreen! Best of all, it’s absolutely free to download. I’ve posted a link to the bottom so you guys can check it out. Meanwhile, here’s a preview!
What makes bitmado unique is that you guys can actually upvote, downvote, or bump up images you like, dislike, or really, really like respectively. I guess you can say it’s kind of like the Reddit of mobile wallpapers. I’m actually curious as to which of my caricatures turns out to be the most popular!
I’d like to invite you guys to keep up with me on bitmado as I’ll be adding more of my caricatures regularly from my past collection as well as my newest ones. Click either of the images or the link below to download your FREE Bitmado app today.

Bitmado Demo Video
Download bitmado now through the Google Play Store:


Follow Bitmado:

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