Friday, April 12, 2013

Joseph Phillips Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail

Check out my step-son's PCT Bolg and Hiker's Journal. Joseph Phillips is hitting the Pacific Crest Trail today and plans to hike it from end to end.  Ah to be young. Joseph, or Ragin' Cajun as they call him on the trail, is 21 years-old and by the time he finishes this trail in four to five months he will be 22. We think it is great that he is trying to accomplish what relatively few people attempt. A hike from Mexico to Canada. If he does not do it now, the chances of it happening dwindle quickly. We will be following Joseph as he stops a resupply points along the way and updates his journal. Join us as we enjoy his youth with him by subscribing to his blog by email:

Of course, such a trip does not happen without support. Joseph will stop along the way where he will pick-up resupply boxes of food and necessity items. If you would like the help him reach his goals, follow the donate link on his blog and make a PayPal donation and be sure to send a message as well. We will use the money to purchase items for his resupply box. He will probably go through 3 pair of hiking shoes before it is over so any donation amount will be appreciated.

Map to the Pacific Crest Trail

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