Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jason Seiler - A Caricature Study

Jason Seiler Title=
Today I'm posting a caricature study of Jason Seiler, an Illustrator and Fine Artist at the top of his game. Jason is the King of Political Satire and has been featured in just about every major magazine in the world. The source image was one he posted about a year ago and held a caricature contest but I wasn't able to participate, besides some caricature artists don't like me very mush simply because of my present choice of medium. Well, maybe one day they'll come around. Regardless, this is my personal tribute to a man I admire and look to for guidance and inspiration. Be sure and check Jason out on facebook and subscribe to his blog. He's very active there.

Jason Seiler Source

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!
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