Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Artist Representative - The Overall Picture

Today my official portfolio is complete and live for my new artist Representative, Robert Overall of "The Overall Picture" which is based in Australia and covers the "Asia Pacific Region". This is the first time I've had any sort of representation so I hope it leads to lots of cool work. Click on either of the images to visit my portfolio.

About The Overall Picture
The Overall Picture’s team of illustrators and contemporary image makers. This website showcases thousands of samples of original commercial art created by our artists and compiled to provide art directors, creative directors and commercial art buyers with high quality reference.

Our Artists
The Overall Picture represents some of the most talented commercial artists available today. 
Our team has been carefully established to provide clients with a broad pallet of artistic styles, techniques and media. This colorful team of professionals is based in Australia, the U.K. and various other locations around the world.

Our Mission
The Overall Picture is committed to working closely with our clients to ensure a clear understanding is achieved and maintained and to creating and supplying images of the highest quality.

The Overall Picture
Illustrators and Contemporary Image Makers
Suite 2, 141 Victoria Rd
Drummoyne NSW 2047

Phone: +61 2 9719 3541
Fax: +61 2 9719 3542

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Monday, March 18, 2013 Interviews Rodney Pike

Only a few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Sabludowsky on Google+. We connected initially and shortly after realized we are virtually neighbors as I live in Gonzales, Louisiana and Steve lives in Metairie, Louisiana. Steve is an Internet Attorney, Publisher of, Internet Teacher and Lecturer. is a  Louisiana - based news and information site.  So, if you want to know what's happening down here in our great state of Louisiana and New Orleans, it's a great resource. I will list at the end of this post the many ways you can connect with Stephen Sabludowsky.

Stephen was kind enough to interview me along with my long time Google+ buddy Tim Jones as well as write an article about me on The interview was done in a Google+ Hangout and was lots of fun. So, kick back and enjoy and don't forget to check out all of Steve's links below. Interview with Stephen Sabludowsky

Where to find Stephen Sabludowsky:

A note in closing:
I have been picked up by an Artist Representative with "The Overall Picture" out of Australia and will be working with them in the Asia Pacific Region which covers Australia and east through all of Asia. This will work well as I am working with another company which will handle the USA and European market. Things are looking up!

On another note, I will be starting my formal caricature lessons with Jason Seiler in May which is handled through I can't wait to get started. Everyone I've spoken to about the course said it totally launched their careers.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BB King and Lucille - Caricature Study

This is a very quick caricature study of Blues King, a living Legend, BB King and his faithful sidekick Lucille. I've done a couple of quick warm-ups of him and have a study that I'm working on at the same time which will capture more of his personality. I'm trying to capture that twisted snarling face when he his a really sick note. Hopefully it will work out. I'm using several reference photos in it.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jim Carrey - A Caricature Study

This is the finished caricature study of Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is such a caricature himself that this one seems very mild. I learn a little bit more on each study I do. I think I'm going to do another of BB King. He's such a popular subject and has great character in his face. I'm starting to practice more with my digital painting lately. I'm getting myself ready for that caricature course by Jason Seiler. Everyone I've spoken to says the course is well worth the money. Can't wait to start but I need to pick up another job to pay for it.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

What's on The Wacom - Jim Carrey WIP

What's on the Wacom? Tonight I'm posting a very quick and rough caricature study of Jim Carry. I will have this finished tomorrow. This one is very blocky just trying to figure out the shapes. Hopefully it will look a lot better tomorrow. 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

The King of Blues - BB King

This is the finished caricature study of BB King. I kept this one mild but I would like to do another and get one of those crazy expressions when he hits a really good note and really push the exaggeration. Below is one of my favorite videos of BB King.

The Thrill is Gone!

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