Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rembrandt's Portrait of a Bean

This is one of several more Mr Bean manipulations I'll be doing in order to have enough material to hold (by request) my First Anual Mr Bean Virtual Gallery Showing. I think I have over 20 now so just a few more will do. I initially started doing Mr bean manipulations for 3 reasons. One, he has such a fun face and expressions that it's always great therapy when times get stressful. Always relaxing.  Second, He is by far the most popular character in my collection so I will continue to give the people what they want. And third, it's just fun. There is actually one more reason and it's a personal one for me. I love the character Mr Bean. Rowan Atkinson did a brilliant job portraying him. There's a limited collection of photos of Mr Bean and there will never be any new ones since Rowan Atkinson retired the character. It's nice to breath a little life back into some of these already iconic images with a little twist. Long live Mr Bean!

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