Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Molly Crows - The Movie Starring Mercy Gaiger

Inspired by real events, Molly Crows tells the story of a small town in Middle-England being torn apart, because of a wicked act that took place there centuries ago.

Based on the true story of a 17th Century witch and set in modern times. A seven year old girl avenges a wicked act, and tears a small town apart.

When seven year old Jess and her alcoholic Mother arrive in Haslem, she’s an easy target for the brutal bullying culture. But there’s something different about Jess. She can see and hear things that other people can’t.

When Jess is brutalized in a country lane, the ancient spirits of the area appear, angry and full of vengeance.

The townspeople take the law into their own hands and commit a terrible act upon an innocent, as brutal and unforgivable as the notorious Witch-finders from centuries past.

Molly Crows - The Movie Trailer

Mercy Gaiger Feature
Mercy Gaiger began her acting career at the tender age of 3 when she expressed an interest is modeling for her parents (both of which were photographers). She proved so good at pulling faces and conveying emotion that she soon had a reputation amidst the alternative model/photographer community and the 'Chucky' image went viral.
She began undertaking small supporting roles in short film and adverts for companies such as Marks and Spencer and the BBC as well as music videos before undertaking the role of 'Jess' in Molly Crows - the movie ( a part originally written for a 10-14 year old girl) at the tender age of 7yrs old after her original casting video had the director (Ray Andrew Wilkes/Flashgun films) cast her on the spot and after filming finished the director gave her a glowing reference.
I cast Mercy as the lead actor in my most recent film entitled MOLLY CROWS. I was of course skeptical at first given her age (6) and was advised against this by some of my trusted actors and contemporaries. Accordingly I ran a video audition and was surprised by the results. Still not 100% sure I cast Mercy on a trial basis. From thereon Mercy never ceased to amaze us on set. She remembered all her lines and outperformed most of the adult cast (she usually delivered what we needed in one take). Some people say that this is because she's young and has no sense of fear. But I don't buy that - Mercy has demonstrated a complex understanding of human emotion and how to express them in both her actions and speech Furthermore, she has a sublime look on film and a very expressive face.
I would have no hesitation in casting Mercy again and will be very surprised if she is not. an A-List Actor in the future.
Currently Mercy is working on a short cannibal apocalypse movie with filming beginning in February.

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