Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hans Holbein - HolBean The Panty Scandle

This is another addition to my Mr Bean collection which I will be showing in its entirety in the coming days. I have a couple more that are almost finished. I will post these as I work on some pay jobs over the next couple of days here on Google+ and Facebook. This was a portrait of Thomas Howard by Hans Holbean - 1539. In the original painting he was holding two sticks that looked like pool sticks...?? Anyhow the hand position was good enough to insert a scandalous little touch. I'm going to try and have 30 pieces for the upcoming "Beanathon". I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!


  1. Really good show mate. It ain't easy getting followers on Blogger, not like G+. My poor blogs just sit at the same number of followers month after month while lots of people breeze on through my posts . When I get a new follower it makes my year! Lol! I try to come up with ideas to get those same people to +1, comment or follow me and I'm all out of ideas. I love your work BTW and you are quite a talent although your work shows that people know it. You must be so proud! I was surprised to see that you "only" have 600 followers (from Blogger) and not more because of your notoriety. Would it be too much to ask you to pretend to follow my two blogs? Maybe if people see your name on them as a follower it may help me. I wouldn't ask you to do it if you hate what you see. I know you are a very busy man but it doesn't hurt to ask you this favor. Bean must be a blast to think of ideas for! I already follow your blog and enjoy your work very much it is awesome! See you around G+ and if you need some support here that I'm not giving just drop me a comment. Don't worry, I'm not expecting to be on your list of great blogs or anything but I do feel my blogspots are unique. You don't have your Circle Rank up here yet but hey, you don't need it do you? Happy Easter Rodney. My blog links are under my profile. Love your work it's fun and amazing to see!

    1. Hi Bekkie,
      Yeah, we both know that this is all one big numbers game. The more numbers you have the more "clout" you have in this internet world. We all have to play the game if we want to win. I would be more than happy to follow your blogs. I'm glad you asked. Most people wouldn't but I appreciate your spunk. That's another quality that is a must in this competitive world. Thanks for the note!!

    2. Another thought Bekkie. People aren't following publicly as much these days as an rss feed to email is so easy. It comes to them. Make sure you have a subscribe by email on your blogs. That's where the real numbers are.


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