Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bruce Willis - Work In Progress (WIP)

Tonight I have a work in progress of Bruce Willis. I love the way he makes that little smirk and I found a picture with that smirk but it was very noisy and after removing the noise and enhancing the detail, I'm left with patches of skin with no detail at all. This is where the final stage of painting the whiskers, hair and missing skin texture comes in. This image doesn't look that bad because it's been shrunk down so much. It's very noticeable in the high-res file so there will be a lot of detail painting to do on this one.

Below is the source image I'm working with and an earlier screen capture of the work in progress on my Wacom which was posted to Google+ and Facebook earlier today. I've started something new on Google+ called "Whats on the Wacom" to give everyone a little better look at the different stages and my work flow. You can see the difference in the screen capture and the portrait above and there will be even more changes in the final product although the basic morph is pretty close to what I want now. And of course, he will be put in another body.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!
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