Monday, July 16, 2012

Crossing or Embarrassing Jindal Has Consequences

Governor Bobby Jindal
Quoted from, "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal appears to have little tolerance for differences of opinion or disruptions to his carefully crafted political strategy, a lesson his agency chiefs and lawmakers who disagree with the governor continue to learn.

Some examples from recent months:

» Jindal's allies fired an outspoken LSU System president who regularly criticized the governor's policies.
» Jindal's hand-picked House speaker removed legislative leaders who voted against bills backed by the governor.
» And Jindal ousted an agency leader who spoke out against a reorganization plan.

Most recently, Jindal's revenue secretary appears to have been edged out of her job for expanding a tax break without Jindal's knowledge. The expansion could have drained millions from the state treasury and received criticism it could worsen the state's precarious budget situation.

Crossing or embarrassing Jindal has consequences!"

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