Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photoshop Contest - A Note From Guy Kawasaki

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NAPP's Before and After Photoshop contest called "The Incredible Makeover Contest". Please take a moment to visit the link below or click the image of P!NK and vote for my P!NK Caricature for a chance to win $5,000.00 in prizes. Just hit CTRL+F and type Rodney into the search box and will you see my P!NK. Please vote by giving her your 5 stars.

Simply click CTRL+F and type Rodney into the search box from the above image or this link:
Thanks all!!

Important message about Google+ from Guy Kawasaki below:

Joe Lieberman - Before and After

They're Back - Before and After

A Note on Google+ From Guy Kawasaki

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FREE Caricature Portrait Winner - Dave Condit

This is the winner of the Caricature Portrait Giveaway I posted a week or so ago and the portrait that will be presented today.The winner Dave Condit is a teacher, photographer, frequently unattentive, fluent in English. His mom thinks he's cute, so he has that going for him. Oh, and he's learning how to do voice-over work which will, more than likely, make him incredibly rich one day. Don't ask me, I just copied it from his Google+ profile @ +Dave Condit. The portrait was a fairly mild caricature as he is not a grotesquely ugly man and is somewhat dignified looking :). It turned out that the mood of the piece worked perfectly in combination with this awesome image taken by Dave used as the background. His original image can be viewed here. I've posted the source image used below supplied by Dave. The quality of this source image made this a pleasure and the end result is much better than it would be with a smaller image of lesser quality. It looks great at its final print size of 12X17 inches. This is a good example of why I insist on quality images to work with. Congrats Dave, it's been a pleasure!
On a side note, I'd like to thank all of the great people out there who have supported me along the way these past couple of years. Because of you, my business and my internet presence is growing like wildfire. I rolled over 300,000 followers on Google+ today which is totally insane after only one year and my blog will roll over 500,000 views today from 202 nations around the world. Wow! Thanks so much guys. I appreciate every one of you!!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Warrior Bean

This is just a quick post for my Mr Bean fans out there. This is the latest of mt ongoing series of Mr. Bean manipulations. They are always fun and very relaxing after a long day or two of tedious work. Hope you like him. There will be many more to come.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Crossing or Embarrassing Jindal Has Consequences

Governor Bobby Jindal
Quoted from, "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal appears to have little tolerance for differences of opinion or disruptions to his carefully crafted political strategy, a lesson his agency chiefs and lawmakers who disagree with the governor continue to learn.

Some examples from recent months:

» Jindal's allies fired an outspoken LSU System president who regularly criticized the governor's policies.
» Jindal's hand-picked House speaker removed legislative leaders who voted against bills backed by the governor.
» And Jindal ousted an agency leader who spoke out against a reorganization plan.

Most recently, Jindal's revenue secretary appears to have been edged out of her job for expanding a tax break without Jindal's knowledge. The expansion could have drained millions from the state treasury and received criticism it could worsen the state's precarious budget situation.

Crossing or embarrassing Jindal has consequences!"

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Win a Free Caricature Portrait (Offer Ended)

This post is to announce two things... One, that I am now offering personal caricatured portrait commissions on a more regular basis and that I will be giving away one FREE 8"X10" full color 300DPI print  ready caricature portrait with a custom background of your choice which will be delivered in digital format including layered files. Above are three examples of previous commissions. For a chance to win the free portrait, you must participate on my Google+ profile. If you're not a member, it only takes 5 minutes to set up and it's free so this would be a great time to come over and join us. I will roll over 200,000 followers there today. Click Here to win a chance. This offer will expire and the winner will be determined on Wednesday, July 11th at 8:00pm CST. Join in on the fun. It's going to be a blast!!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rembrandt's Soldier Bean II (Bean Series Phase III)

Tonight I continue my Mr. Bean Series with Phase III and Rembrandt's Soldier Bean II. I recently found this source image and couldn't resist. Even though I have used this Rembrand't before with Mr. Bean, I still had to go with it. Seems to make a pretty good fit. These manipulations are great practice, a whole lot of fun and very relaxing after working on a meticulous caricature all day. I am still working on the Governor Bobby Jindal piece and hope to have it done in a couple of days. Below is the source pic for this manipulation. I reshaped his face just a bit as it has some camera distortion in the source.

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