Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Golden Ticket - Governor Bobby Jindal (WIP)

I've been real busy with a lot of new things lately and I have slacked bad on my blog posts so I have a few things to share with you tonight. I was honored to have recently been featured on Media Tapper for the one year anniversary of Google+. I told a short story about my experiences with Google+ so far and how it all began with "My Golden Ticket". Wow, it's crazy. I just rolled over 155,000 followers on Google+ and it's growing fast. Not bad for the first year. I was also voted into the top 3 artists on Google+ in a Media Tapper pole this week. Check out the article as well as the others who wrote about their experiences. You may change your views on Google+ if you're not there yet. There are some really great stories.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Work In Progress (WIP)
Above is a quick liquify sketch of the caricature of our own Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. He's gotten himself into a little hot water lately so I thought I would do a little local political satire. I'm in the process of building a full situational satirical manipulation so I thought I would give you a peak at the subject. I think the latest headline read something to the affect of; "Cross Jindal Get Fired". Apparently he's going through pink slips left and right. This is an opportunity to test the waters here for a little local political stink. The overall situational manipulation is turning out pretty complex, maybe the most work I've ever put into one, so I will be working on it for at least 2 or 3 more days. Louisiana is known for having some shaky politicians, so we'll see how this plays out. The original source image is below. The final product will use dosens of source images. I think this will be a fun one. I'll probably tick a few people off. I just hope the big guy has a sense of humor. :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

José Manuel Rodriguez Berge - Portrait Commission

Jose Manuel caricature
Today I'm posting my latest portrait commission of a fellow artist and facebook friend José Manuel Rodriguez Berge. I did something a little differently on this one. Normally when I caricature someone with glasses, I shrink them down and they are more of a nuisance than anything, but in this case Jose's glasses are soo much a part of who he is that I took the time to rebuild and slightly caricature them as well as increasing then in size. I don't know a whole lot about Jose other than he is from Spain so I had a hard time deciding what to do with his body. I decided to take him back in time and make him a Spanish pirate in modern times with the source images he provided. I used puppet warp on this piece much more than I usually do. I'm finding that it can really be a usefull tool as I'm learning more how to use it. More fun stuff on the way!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Made Google+'s Suggested Users List (SUL)

Click here to see Google+'s Suggested Users List
I woke this morning to a very pleasant surprise. When I fist logged into Google+, I realized that my followers has increased by several thousand. I had no idea why it was so I set out to find the cause. Usually it's a big named person sharing my work or a circle I'm in. I went to Circle Count but that didn't tell me anything so I went back to my profile and I was pleased to discover that Google+ had verified my name which was nice but didn't explain the flood of new followers. I started looking around on Google+ and noticed someone had shared a post which had a screen capture of the latest Google+ SUL and to my total shock, there I was. This is the introduction page for new Google+ users and I was listed this morning in the Fun & Interesting section. This is a really big deal for me because it's going to get me rapid exposure to extremely large numbers of people which is what I need at this point. Eventually the exposure will will turn into more open doors and more business opportunities so thanks to those of you who follow me there and for those of you who don't, simply click the image above. Thanks guys!!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

225 Magazine Artist Feature - June 2012

Click to view the rest of the story
I was featured in the June 2010 edition of a local hometown magazine called 225 Magazine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was surprised when I got the request because this is the first local feature I have ever had. I've had many features done around the world but Louisiana is not my normal taget audience. I was actually honored to be recognized in my own hometown because Baton Rouge is just not known for producing artists or art of any kind really. The majority of my business has been done in the UK, Germany and many other nations around the world as well as some work in New York and Hollywood. Please click on the image above to visit 225 Magazine online for the entire feature and if by some chance you happen to be local, you can pick the magazine up at nearly 300 locations in and around Baton Rouge, and it's free. This feature is certainly not my best. It's pretty short but I'm always humbled by and appreciative of any feature done on me. Oh, by the way, the picture of me was taken by a friend and brilliant artist by the name of Paul Roustan in New York recently. Google him. His work is amazing.

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