Sunday, April 8, 2012

SportsChat.TV with Host Brooke Brown

Everyone knows I'm a lover of art but I also enjoy my sports. If you love sports and love talking sports of any kind, you are going to love this feature. But it's not just for sports fans, it's also for the athletes themselves. Fans and Athletes can hangout together using Google Plus Hangout Technology and discuss the current topic, whether it be a particular sport, a team, an athlete or even fitness.

Tonight I'm featuring an awesome new site called SportsChat.TV along with the CEO, Owner and Host of SportsChat.TV's weekly broadcasts, Brooke Brown AKA +Brooke Brown at Google+ You can also find a business page on Google+ called +SportsChat.TV which is the live broadcast headquarters for the show. Brooke is also a good friend of mine and is doing a great job with this new site. If you're a member of Google+, you'll definitely want to circle Brooke and the business page at the links mentioned above as well as requesting to be added to the Sports Circle that Brooke curates both from her personal and business pages. You can access her web site by clicking on the link above as well as either of the two graphics. Brooke has also provided us with an episode of the show below called Golf / The Masters.

My name is Brooke Brown, and I have been passionate about sports since I was about three years old. Makes sense that after getting my Bachelors of Arts in Communication from the University of Arizona, I would hope to pursue a career in media relations or broadcasting. Thus, when I was introduced to the hangout technology on Google+, and an idea to create something, this site was born. SportsChat.TV aims to bring fans and athletes together via uncensored conversation in a live broadcast hangout setting which can accommodate up to nine people. With the innovative technology utilized here, we are able to break down geographical barriers present as well as the communication barriers conventional television and radio have also inadvertently put into place over the years. Times have changed but so have we.  Come join us in a Google+ Hangout via +SportsChat.TV. You can also find an archive of sports shows on my YouTube Channel. We would love to have you. Please also connect with us on our new Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+. Hope to see you there!

"Golf / The Masters" from SportsChat.TV's YouTube Channel

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