Friday, January 13, 2012

New Artist Feature ~ UNRI1 Radio Blog Spot

Tonight I want to introduce you to UNRI1 RADIO BLOG SPOT who is featuring me and my art at the moment. Click on the link or banner above to visit the blog and read the feature story entitled RODNEY PIKE – An Artist With Immense Face Value! I also want to introduce to you their main web site Below is a little about the site from Scott Price and Deborah Flansburg:

UNIR1 Radio is a division of UNIR1 Productions and is a Global Internet Radio station on the KryKey Network that broadcasts 24/7 in 320 kbps for the best possible streaming audio on the World Wide Web. We are a variety station bringing you the best of yesterday’s legends, today’s hits & tomorrows undiscovered talent, with a huge heart for the independent (Indie) artist.

We have many different live interviews and shows weekly including the “Electric Eye” show every Monday through Thursday from Noon till 2pmEST, the UNIR1 Bandstand every Sunday morning at 9amEST till Noon, The INDIE 500 show every Monday at 5pmEST featuring brand new artists and songs received at the station, A Tower East Presents UNIR1 Production of The Monday Madness Show at 9pmEST, Double Shot Tuesdays Back2Back songs of your favorite artists, Country Hump Day Wednesdays, INDIE Blocks on Thursday, Studio 54 Nights on Fridays, and a whole lot of impromptu shows that we love to do on the spur of the moment keeping us, a very unique variety station and #1 in our musical genre on the KryKey Network.

Need a commercial or jingle made for your business? UNIR1 Productions uses state of the art software, millions of different sounds & a full time multifaceted musician with over 30 years experience, Mr. Scott Price to create and produce your commercial or jingle in an infinite amount of ways. There are no limits to what U.N.I. can create when UNIR1.

Already have a jingle or commercial ready? No problem! UNIR1 Radio broadcasts 24/7 in crystal clear audio with no hassles or worries, whether it’s local, statewide, coast to coast or global advertising. We target the area and the public that you want to reach and formulate the best type of ad and times that your brand or business will get the best exposure.

UNIR1 also has the ability to open your own radio station, provide you a professional radio station website page or if you prefer embed your radio station player into your already existing website, generate advertising & revenue, promote and upgrade all your social network sites like Facebook & Twitter and get your business or brand in front of millions of customers quickly to promote your product! To get started immediately email us at  or call us at (518)795-9500. We will show you just how easy & cost effective it is. 

Want the ultimate exposure for your band? Since we are a Global Internet Radio station, we reach a lot more people than your local station. We also work with many concert promoters, booking agents, talent scouts, producers, musicians and record labels in the music industry. If you want your music heard by these V.I.P.’s, as well as your family, friends & fans on our great radio station send your mp3’s along with a small bio to  We will get your songs on the air and feature you on our INDIE 500 show Mondays at 5pmEST. We also do live interviews as well.

UNIR1 Radio is run by Scott Price a.k.a. “Electric Eye” and Deborah Flansburg a.k.a.”Blondiepie” and C.E.O. of Blondiepie Media & Publishing and Blondiepie Radio, another great Global Internet Radio station on the KryKey Network. Together, we are the brains behind the producing, engineering, promoting & strategic marketing behind UNIR1 Radio. The name “You and I are one” was not only a dream for me nearly 25 yrs ago, but it is the concept and building block of being able to connect undiscovered talent, businesses, venues, the music community & media with YOU the general public, and we are relentless in our efforts in what we do, as this dream has now become a reality for all of us. 

Scott Price & Deborah Flansburg

Listen Live:
Our Blog:

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!

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