Friday, January 6, 2012

Artist Feature ~ Amylee - Paris

Tonight I'm featuring an incredible artist who goes by Amylee from Paris France who recently discovered and has now become one of my new favorites. I've posted a short bio below as well as contact information, galleries, and even a short video at the end. I'm honored to know such a talented and successful artist as Amylee and to call her my friend. We are connected on several social networking platforms. Enjoy!
Amylee is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. Born in the south of France in 1978, she has studied Applied Arts and Fine Arts. In Paris, she has used her creativity in the area of industrial design, fashion and lifestyle work with various agencies. In 2008 she had her first exhibition and has worked as a professional full-time artist since that time.
Amylee works in many techniques (acrylic paint and patterned collages on canvas). She likes to paint with acrylic because it dries quickly and this allows her to follow her impulses but she also uses patterned paper to dress up her portraits. Interlacing flowers with the bright seventies vibrant colors are impactful and are the trade mark of the artist. She creates her work with great passion and each painting reflects vitality.
Taking inspiration from fashion shows and contemporary patterns, Amylee credits her influences as the Art Deco painters, Klimt, Mucha, French Fauvists and the color range of the Pop artists.
Amylee has already participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York. You can follow her activities on her blog and be sure and take a look at her Artbook.

Exhibition Opening

Amylee Official Art Galleries:
Galerie Neel: (Cannes – Paris. FRANCE)
ArteRed Gallery: (New-York. USA)

My opening exhibition:
D├ęshabillez-moi* (* : undress me)

My Press Artbook:

Follow me:
+Amtlee Paris

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