Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Steve Martin ~ The Pink Panther 2.5

I love this image of Steve Martin in The Pink Panther. I've wanted to do a caricature of Steve Martin for quite some time but never found the right image. This image was small and lacked detail but worked ok for a low resolution practice run. I've also been wanting to caricature a skyline and this silly expression was a good candidate for that type of background. This is really a very mild caricature as Steve Martin pretty much does the work for you with his awesome facial expressions. Below is the source image I worked with and a short video with a taste of this great comedian in at work in The Pink Panther 1.

Comedian Steve Martin in action:

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Bean ~ The Last of Series One

Gilbert Stuart's Mrs. Richard Bean
These are a couple of photo-manipulations of Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson in an attempt to breath a little life back into that brilliant character. These are quick ones but there are many more on the way for you Bean fans out there. Fun stuff!

Who's Next?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BB King A Caricature Study

This is a quick caricature study I did of BB King. I've always wanted to do a manipulation of him but most images are noisy from the dark night clubs. This was just a low resolution practice piece so it worked out fine. The original source image is below as well as a little of the King in action.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Village Voice Magazine Cover Commission

This is my latest commercial commission which is a cover for The Village Voice Magazine out of New York City featuring Adele and TuneYard. I'm not totally satisfied with the final outcome, but sometimes we have to work with the material we're given and make the client happy. Anyhow, it is what it is. They were happy so I guess I did my job. It appears that they jacked up the sats quite a bit. Below are the source images I worked with.

Speaking od New York, I will be in New York City for a +HIRL which is a Google+ Hangout In Real Life from February 2nd through February 5th. Come and join me if you are in the area. Be sure to catch Ryan Van Sickle in his LIVE SHOW with Daria Musk and Heather Fay!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

F.C. Cowfer's ~ Princess Bean

A portrait of Mr Bean as a princess. This is yet another installment in my Mr. Bean series in an attempt to breath a little life back into his character after his announcement of the retirement of Mr. Bean the character. These are always fun and seem to be quite popular so stick around. There are several more cominimg.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deborah Wallis ~ A Google+ Portrait Commission

Tonight I'm posting a Google+ Portrait Commission of Deborah Wallis, AKA +Deborah Wallis on Google+. Deborah and I have actually been friends for some time now. I met her on Linkedin through her group Freelancers Showcase. Deborah is a Transcriptionist by trade, a lover of cartoons and comics, comic art books, photography, classic music and rock 'n' roll. Lover of classic cartoon and rock 'n' roll videos as well as a collector.

Deborah is also the founder and owner of One On One Transcription which provides top-drawer corporate, organizational and entrepreneurial principals with exceptional transcription services one-on-one. Her clients include pioneers of the human potential movement, award-winning authors and writers, copywriters, researchers, and other industry influencers who demand a dedicated provider that delivers flawless transcripts every time. It's a great site. Check it out.

This was a challenging commission for a couple of reasons. First of all, ladies are just hard to caricature and the lack of experience in caricaturing women doesn't help. Deborah being a comic collector was the perfect candidate for a concept that came out pretty cool. I had all sorts of comic book characters in the background and even a certain little bird on her shoulder. Well, after thinking about it we both agreed that due to the risk of copyright issues, we'd be better off eliminating the characters from the background. Below are two images of Deborah, the one on top being the source image. Hope you enjoy.

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Rembrandt's Soldier Bean

I my ongoing attempt to bring back Mr Bean, this is a Rembrandt painting I believe is called Old Soldier. This image of Bean seemed fitting for this manipulation. I actually held a small Beanathon yesterday while showing my support for the SOPA internet strike. I did 7 manipulations in one day of Bean, but will only be posting 4 of those as 3 of them didn't quite have the look I was going after, so this is yet another installment of my Bean series. There will be plenty more to come. Hope you like them. Below are the source images I worked with.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paul Roustan ~ Artist Feature

Tonight I'm featuring a good friend and brilliant artist Paul Roustan. AKA +Paul Roustan on Google+. Below is a short bio, a small sampling of his work and a video of Paul at work.

Multi award winning and internationally published artist, Paul Roustan's work has appeared on Spike TV, the Chicago Sun-Times, Airbrush Action Magazine, among others. His work has been displayed in over a dozen galleries in the past year.

A born native of Chicago, IL, Roustan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. After his move to Rhode Island, he completed a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006.

Roustan's airbrushed body-paintings have been used for corporate, private, television, and nightclub events worldwide, including clients Playboy, Bacardi, Tupperware, Absolut, and more. His work has also been featured in fashion shows, parades, photographic workshops, and magazines.
Model Credits:
Abandoned - Tiffany Le Blanc
Blue - Roxanne Huber
Cabin Fever - Rebecca RS
Nature Nourishes - Austen & Lauren
Phosphorescent - Katie Gilbert
SuperScar - Scar
War and Peace - Scar
Jellyfish - Zygore

Paul's Links and Contact Info:

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Portrait by Caricature Artist Russ Cook

Tonight I'm posting a portrait of myself done by a brilliant caricature artist and friend from the UK, Russ Cook. It's an honor to have my portrait done by such a talented and accomplished artist as Russ. He did an awesome job especially considering what he had to work with. Thanks Russ! I'm also posting below a previous feature on Russ for those of you who aren't familiar with his work. It's just a small sampling of the work of this amazing artist. Be sure and visit the link at the bottom of the post to see his full portfolio.

The Amazing Work of Russ Cook
Click image to visit Russ Cook's blog

I'm re-posting a feature of one of my all time favorite artists and one of the most talented caricature artists in the world and one of my biggest inspirations. Russ Cook is a illustrator and caricature artist from Oxford, UK. He has a unique caricature style like nothing you have ever seen and can be viewed on his blog by clicking on the image above or the link at the bottom of this post. Cook pushes his caricatures to the absolute limit with exaggeration. His "morph" in his words is so extreme in some cases that you would think the subject would be rendered unrecognizable but no matter the amount of almost outrageous exaggeration, he manages to capture the essence of his subjects. A truly unique style of art is hard to come by but this artist's work is like none other. His work will amaze and inspire you.

I would like to tell you more about this brilliant artist but he's a modest man and it's impossible to find a bio on him. I can however offer you an awesome interview with Russ Cook by VectorTutsPlus.com. You can also find links on his blog to more of his portfolio sites. Below you will find a very few of Cook's works which will give you a taste of his incredible talent, but you will definitely want to visit his blog to get a better look at this diverse collection of works.
I hope you enjoyed this inspiring sampling of the art of Russ Cook. Please take a moment and visit his blog at the link below.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Artist Feature ~ UNRI1 Radio Blog Spot

Tonight I want to introduce you to UNRI1 RADIO BLOG SPOT who is featuring me and my art at the moment. Click on the link or banner above to visit the blog and read the feature story entitled RODNEY PIKE – An Artist With Immense Face Value! I also want to introduce to you their main web site UNRI1.fm. Below is a little about the site from Scott Price and Deborah Flansburg:

UNIR1 Radio is a division of UNIR1 Productions and is a Global Internet Radio station on the KryKey Network that broadcasts 24/7 in 320 kbps for the best possible streaming audio on the World Wide Web. We are a variety station bringing you the best of yesterday’s legends, today’s hits & tomorrows undiscovered talent, with a huge heart for the independent (Indie) artist.

We have many different live interviews and shows weekly including the “Electric Eye” show every Monday through Thursday from Noon till 2pmEST, the UNIR1 Bandstand every Sunday morning at 9amEST till Noon, The INDIE 500 show every Monday at 5pmEST featuring brand new artists and songs received at the station, A Tower East Presents UNIR1 Production of The Monday Madness Show at 9pmEST, Double Shot Tuesdays Back2Back songs of your favorite artists, Country Hump Day Wednesdays, INDIE Blocks on Thursday, Studio 54 Nights on Fridays, and a whole lot of impromptu shows that we love to do on the spur of the moment keeping us, a very unique variety station and #1 in our musical genre on the KryKey Network.

Need a commercial or jingle made for your business? UNIR1 Productions uses state of the art software, millions of different sounds & a full time multifaceted musician with over 30 years experience, Mr. Scott Price to create and produce your commercial or jingle in an infinite amount of ways. There are no limits to what U.N.I. can create when UNIR1.

Already have a jingle or commercial ready? No problem! UNIR1 Radio broadcasts 24/7 in crystal clear audio with no hassles or worries, whether it’s local, statewide, coast to coast or global advertising. We target the area and the public that you want to reach and formulate the best type of ad and times that your brand or business will get the best exposure.

UNIR1 also has the ability to open your own radio station, provide you a professional radio station website page or if you prefer embed your radio station player into your already existing website, generate advertising & revenue, promote and upgrade all your social network sites like Facebook & Twitter and get your business or brand in front of millions of customers quickly to promote your product! To get started immediately email us at staff@unir1.info  or call us at (518)795-9500. We will show you just how easy & cost effective it is. 

Want the ultimate exposure for your band? Since we are a Global Internet Radio station, we reach a lot more people than your local station. We also work with many concert promoters, booking agents, talent scouts, producers, musicians and record labels in the music industry. If you want your music heard by these V.I.P.’s, as well as your family, friends & fans on our great radio station send your mp3’s along with a small bio to music@unir1.fm  We will get your songs on the air and feature you on our INDIE 500 show Mondays at 5pmEST. We also do live interviews as well.

UNIR1 Radio is run by Scott Price a.k.a. “Electric Eye” and Deborah Flansburg a.k.a.”Blondiepie” and C.E.O. of Blondiepie Media & Publishing and Blondiepie Radio, another great Global Internet Radio station on the KryKey Network. Together, we are the brains behind the producing, engineering, promoting & strategic marketing behind UNIR1 Radio. The name “You and I are one” was not only a dream for me nearly 25 yrs ago, but it is the concept and building block of being able to connect undiscovered talent, businesses, venues, the music community & media with YOU the general public, and we are relentless in our efforts in what we do, as this dream has now become a reality for all of us. 

Scott Price & Deborah Flansburg

Listen Live: http://www.unir1.fm
Our Blog: http://unir1radio.blogspot.com

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Artist Feature ~ Amylee - Paris

Tonight I'm featuring an incredible artist who goes by Amylee from Paris France who recently discovered and has now become one of my new favorites. I've posted a short bio below as well as contact information, galleries, and even a short video at the end. I'm honored to know such a talented and successful artist as Amylee and to call her my friend. We are connected on several social networking platforms. Enjoy!
Amylee is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. Born in the south of France in 1978, she has studied Applied Arts and Fine Arts. In Paris, she has used her creativity in the area of industrial design, fashion and lifestyle work with various agencies. In 2008 she had her first exhibition and has worked as a professional full-time artist since that time.
Amylee works in many techniques (acrylic paint and patterned collages on canvas). She likes to paint with acrylic because it dries quickly and this allows her to follow her impulses but she also uses patterned paper to dress up her portraits. Interlacing flowers with the bright seventies vibrant colors are impactful and are the trade mark of the artist. She creates her work with great passion and each painting reflects vitality.
Taking inspiration from fashion shows and contemporary patterns, Amylee credits her influences as the Art Deco painters, Klimt, Mucha, French Fauvists and the color range of the Pop artists.
Amylee has already participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York. You can follow her activities on her blog and be sure and take a look at her Artbook.

Exhibition Opening

Amylee Official Art Galleries:
Galerie Neel: www.galerie-neel.com (Cannes – Paris. FRANCE)
ArteRed Gallery: www.artered.org/art__artists (New-York. USA)

My opening exhibition: www.youtube.com/watch?v=peVIOjU14TY
Déshabillez-moi* (* : undress me) www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE7Gt2eKx5I

My Press Artbook:

Follow me:
+Amtlee Paris

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