Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tommy Lee Jones ~ WIP ... Which Way?

Tonight I'm posting a followup to a post I made a few days ago of Tommy Lee Jones as seen below. The more I looked at this image the more I thought maybe I had taken it the wrong direction, or maybe I should say I realized there may be a better angle. I posted the image above on Google+ and took a poll. Although the answers differed, the majority were for the second attempt at top right. I think I'm going to try several different angles on this one and see what I come up with. The reason I wanted to post this is to illustrate in my own crude and inexperienced way that there are many different ways you can take the exaggeration when doing a caricature. There are no rules chiseled in stone, so just because yours is different doesn't mean it's wrong. This will as all of my work is really, be a learning experience for me. The reason I didn't post the top right image at a larger size is because it's only loosely put together. I will try and deliver in the end 4 different takes on Tommy Lee from my perspective. Which way would you go?

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!


  1. I like the one on the right, Rodney. But what do I know, I'm left-handed.

  2. Hi,
    Very cool. I like the one on the right.
    --The one on the left reminded me of Reagan for a second.

  3. hi Rodney, I like the left one. Very nice photos......cool!!!!!!!

  4. The left image almost looks more like Ronald Reagan than Tommy.


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