Saturday, December 31, 2011

Catherine Monreal ~ Virtual Assistant

A note to my business connections:
I wanted to bring someone to your attention that could be invaluable for your business. Her name is Catherine Monreal and I have utilized her services for research in the past and will be using her in a virtual assistant capacity in the coming year. While I wish I could keep her all to myself, I know that I do not have enough work to sustain her. So, I thought I would tap into my network and introduce her. 

Catherine has a much more complete profile on Elance, which can be found here: and she is located in California. While this puts her in the Pacific Time Zone she is flexible with her availability to suit your needs. Heck she is always available for me when I need something. 

Catherine can work in a variety of capacities: writing, researching, and virtual assisting. She listens well, is a great communicator and can help you organize and formulate your ideas into an action plan. She can be reached at or 818-252-9099.

Happy New Year to all!

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!


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  2. Yeah David, I know where she is. Who are you?


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