Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tommy Lee Jones ~ Work In Progress WIP

Tonight I'm posting a work in progress, WIP of actor Tommy Lee Jones. I worked most of the day on the DVD wrap for the movie but I'm running into some difficulties getting everything they want to squeeze into it. I stopped and took a break and decided to start a caricature of The Man in Black, Tommy Lee Jones. I liked this source photo. It's a bit small but has decent detail. This is in a very rough unfinished state. I've only used the warp tool and just a tad in liquify but only for some small tweaks. H'e likely to look totally different than this when it's done. In fact I'm noticing things as I type that need to be changed. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to make a situational manipulation with hom or just do a simple portrait. I'm trying to get to doing a couple of Rock bands in group caricatures with a couple of images a friend helped me find. One of then is going to be super cool, so stay tuned. The original source image is posted below as well as a short video interview of the actor.    
Tommy Lee Jones

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  1. I love to watch your works-in-progress. It's very educational! Can't wait to see the final version.


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