Monday, October 10, 2011

Jesse Smith ~ A Collaborative work

Jesse Smith of Loose Screw Tattoo

Jesse Smith of Loose Screw Tattoo

Tonight I'm posting a collaborative work with Jesse Smith of Loose Screw Tattoo as a gift. I met Jesse on facebook and we have become good friends. He's an amazing artist whether working on skin, paper or canvas. You can see more of Jesse's work and some of his links on an Artist Feature I did of him several months back on this blog. This is actually not the finished product but it was close enough to post. The final version will be a very large print ready piece that I will deliver to Jesse. He was generous enough to send me several pieces of his art a while back and I've been wanting to do something for quite some time but have been busy with lots of other projects. I was happy to have a couple of days to work on this which I actually started about 3 months ago. I've posted The source images as well as a WIP below. I'm also re-posting some of Jesse's contact information below from the previous Artist Feature.

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Click the image below for directions to "LOOSE SCREW TATTOO"
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Contact info: Jesse Smith
@ Loose Screw Tattoo
3313A W Cary St.
Richmond, VA 23221

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Jesse's Links:
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