Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld ~ Onstage

Tonight I'm posting the finished manipulated caricature of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Nothing fancy here, I was just going for a more natural look so it's a fairly mild caricature. I didn't get that crisp sharp detail that I normally shoot for each time because in the source image, his head isn't very large. I would like to do another one of him with one of his crazy expressions. I'll be working on a Google+ portrait for the next day or two. Below I have posted the source image as well as a little something to entertain you.

A little Seinfeld humor

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld ~ WIP and My Newest Feature

Tonight I'm posting a rough work in progress manipulated caricature of Jerry Seinfeld. Not sure why but I never did him and he seemed like a good subject. This is just a rough idea of what I'm going to do with this manipulation. The WIP is a cheesy 3D action I downloaded to see what it would do. Just playing around but I don't think this will be part of my actions library and please don't judge me by that or the slapped together image above. Speaking of which, I am recording some new actions with techniques I've been working on and experimenting with. At some point I will share these actions online.

I'm sure many of you have noticed the lack of posts recently. I've been really busy with several projects. One is my Google+ account. Google+ is growing at an astounding rate or at least it appears that way from my point of view. I gained approximately 2,000 circles in the past 24 hours bringing my circle count to 8,300+ to date. I've only been there about a month so it has been well worth my time. Not only have I gained over 8,000 new friends there, but I have picked up several jobs and made some incredible business deals. Do't worry, I'm not abandoning my facebook friends. Between my two pages, I have 4,500+ friends there and every one of them is important to me. I promise you in the near future you're going to see some wild new stuff. I picked up a couple of magazine covers there, a few commissions as well as more features both web and print, so there are lots of things happening. Stop by my Google+ page and put me in a circle. 

I am also working on some magazine commissions as well as a load of interviews with various sites and publications; very time consuming but it's part of what I've gotten myself into I guess. I'm working on a couple of deals right now with a publishing company and an imaging company about possibly getting into offering some affordable prints, maybe even posters. I was also contacted this week by the Brazilian Metal band Almah who want me to do a bunch of promotional material for their upcoming orchestrated tour. We've been in contact over this for about 6 months but they are ready now to proceed so that's another really cool project coming up. On top of all of that, I was contacted a couple of days ago by a certain entertainer who wants me to do a load of work for him. This one is top secret so I can't say who right now but he's big and the project is going to be super cool.

Well, I've been feeling guilty about not getting posts up recently and I wanted to get something up for you tonight so this was a quick one. Oh, I totally forgot, I wanted to mention my latest interviewed feature which came out today on There was a bit of a language barrier with this interview but I think you'll get the idea if you read it. I'm very frank and matter of fact in this interview so you may find it interesting. Check out the text link below:

Jerry Seinfeld source image below:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chris Pirillo ~ Google+ Heavy Hitter, YouTube Powerhouse, Technology Strategist and more

Tonight I'm posting a very subtle manipulated caricature of Chris Pirillo, as he is already a walking caricature. Chris is a fellow Google+'er, a multi-talented Technology guru, a YouTube giant, very prominent social networker, Technology Strategist and many other things as well as really nice guy. Most Google+ enthusiasts will recognize him right away, but for those of you who don't know him, he is a very well circled Google+'er with 53,000+ circles, probably a lot more by now with Google+ finally going public. Be sure and look for +Chris Pirillo and circle him. You'll also want to subscribe to his entertaining and informative YouTube channel with 7 million+ channel! where he discusses Technology and explains things in such a way that even I can understand, beside he's funny as he!!. It's great stuff. I watch it every day, several times a day. He stays quite busy on YouTube. You can also find Chris's Facebook Fan Page, Blog and you can tweet him @ChrisPirillo if you'd like. He's all over, you can't miss him. I'm also posting a short video from his massive YouTube archive. Go check him out! Circle, follow, like, favorite, tweet, and anything else I forgot to mention. Below are the source images I used for this project. Goodnight! Oh, don't forget to circle me at +Rodney Pike and help me grow my 6,000+ circles.

Chris at work....sort of.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kristian Winnem ~ Google+ Commission

Tonight I'm posting a commission that was just completed and delivered yesterday. The caricature is of Kristian Winnem who is in one of my circles on Google+. Kristian is originally from Sweden and can be found on Google+ by his handle +Kristian Winnem. Kristian is a cycling enthusiast and most importantly a gamer. His games of choice are war games like Black Ops and Battlefield on XBOX 360. I decided to go with Call of Duty - Black Ops for the theme and other than that Kristian gave me free reins to do pretty much what I wanted and of course he asked for a full out situational manipulation. He was quite happy with the outcome. The images posted below are the ones Kristian provided for my source material. I am accepting these personal commissions on a limited basis but if price is an issue, maybe it's not for you. Just ask Kristian.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Browser Magazine ~ October Issue Cover

This is a mockup of my next magazine cover commission for The Browser Magazine's October issue featuring Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear TV show in the UK. Check out their new fan page and support them with a like. Keep a watch on this company and bookmark the site as I have a surprise inside the October 1st issue, and I will be a permanent fixture in this magazine offering my services. It's a great magazine, check out their site by clicking the above image or the links provided. That's "The Browser Magazine"  LIKE LIKE LIKE  &  SHARE SHARE SHARE!

The Browser Magazine was developed initially as a guide to what's good on the internet. With the advent of the digital age, we realised that the web was actually plugged into almost everything we did in the real world. This meant there would be lots of areas to cover. The good, the bad, and the ugly part of cyber space is a huge area to cover, and we want to create a massive community of interactive readers to share their experience and recommendations.
We are a  team of web savy individuals, happy to learn more about the potentials of the net. At Reach Media, We are truly global just like the world wide web. Writers, contributors, and the rest of the editorial team come from various global locations with one thing in common - "Dissect the web"

External publishing
Our editorial team are able to provide contract publishing related to the internet and the digital age. Beyond this title, we are able to provide tech and  internet related content for other publications in any language.

The magazine launched it's first issue at the end of August 2011. All members of our team are available at your disposal. Available for write ups, research, and publication design and production.
Reach Media
London SE14 5TW   02072074363  
Contact email:

Click the image below to view the August issue:

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barqzr Davi The Terrible

Tonight I'm posting a caricature study I did for a good Google+ friend, Davi Barqzr. Don't ask me how to pronounce it. His G+ handle is +barqzr so if you're a G+er, check him out. He's a very interesting person. A little eccentric but I think that's a good thing, especially in my world. Seriously, he is a true lover of great art, great music and has an awesome sense of humor. Barqzr is one of the most interesting subjects I've worked with. He's tough, proud, a bit crusty, has great features for a caricature and has a little attitude for good measure. I think it suits him well. I see him in a blood spattered crusty suit of armor wielding a massive sword in a medieval setting. Actually he was a lot of fun to work with but it's back to business tomorrow. I experimented with one new techniques and actions this time that I've been working with to better enhance detail. As you can see, he did most of the work though. Below is the original source image used for this project. This guy should be in movies right? Don't forget, I'm a G+er as well so circle us. My handle is +Rodney Pike.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Help me get featured in Time Square

Click here to vote
Hello friends. I need your vote for a contest I'm in at which is where my main introduction web site is. They are holding this contest to determine the "face of" website. The winner of the contest will be featured on a billboard in Time Square. You can vote for my page once a day, every day until the contest ends on September 20th. Every vote counts. You can vote by following any of the links I provided or simply click either of the two images. I'm at just over 500 votes so far. Thanks to all of you who have been voting daily. It's a great site. Please share. Thanks!!!!


Here's a clue as to what it might look like:
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google+ Hangout Interview with Artist Rodney Pike

This is a quick video of a Google+ hangout interview of myself by Cliff Baldridge of YouTube fame. His channel has over 150 million views and growing. This was done on Google+'s video "hangout" which is a real cool feature there and was shot to give you an idea of what the G+ hangout looks like. This is a view of what cliff was seeing on his end of the hangout. It's just a short overview of who I am and what I do. Hope you're not too disappointed :). If you are a member of Google+, please circle me and Cliff. My handle is +Rodney Pike and Cliff's is +Cliff Baldridge. If you're not a member and would like to be, I think there are still some invitations available so let me know and I can send you one.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Jeremy Clarkson ~ Caricature Study

This is a caricature study of Jeremy Clarkson of the British TV show Top Gear which will be used for an upcoming project and publication. I'll keep you up to date. The source image is posted below as well as a short video from his show.

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