Thursday, May 19, 2011

General Funkwood ~ The Real Story

This is a manipulated caricature created for a Freak Show Photoshop contest entry at FreakingNews featuring a friend and fine artist who goes by the name "Funkwood". He also has a Facebook page but I'm not sure if he wants his name released. This has kind of become a tradition at FN, "chopping" other "choppers". Funkwood was a big inspiration to me in my early days at FN and a good friend, often critiquing my work and helping me when I was just getting started. He is one of many friends I've made along the way and contributors to getting me jumpstarted. He helped me turn many average manipulations into gold winners in FN Photoshop contests. Funkwood is ranked number 3 at FN along with the king of FN, AZRainman who is ranked number 1 and will never be caught...NEVER! This one is dedicated to, "Newsy", "Funkwood", "AZRainman" and all the other great artists who make up FN and whose beginnings came from that great organization, thanks to Vlad, AKA Newsy. Long live the Clan of FN Choppers!
My chop, "General Funkwood" was payback for Funkwood's own chop of me posted below:
rwpike by Funkwood

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!


  1. It's about time that Funkwood was recognized and forced to take-a-bow. You could not have said it better, RWP!

  2. please teach me how to make it master... +Jagad abimanyu



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