Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clean Compact New Web Site at ""

Click here to check out my new site!
Click the image to vist my site

Tonight I launched a new web site at It's a great little site and provides everything you need to introduce yourself to the reader on just one page. First impressions are everything so this is a neat little package. Mine didn't quite all fit without scrolling, but that's because I have a ridiculous number of links. I tried to narrow it down to the important ones. The site is free to join with no strings attached and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the profile and fully customize your site. Here is a Site.Gallery to get an idea of how diverse yet simplistic it is. The horizontal buttons display a box, which shows your feeds from the sites all on the same page, unless you choose to visit the site and it will open in a new window. The vertical links are direct links and also open in a new window, so it looks like they thought of everything. I'm using it for my email tag now. It's great for that first impression and gives a good general overview of what you do and where you can be found. Lots of other cool features. Check it out!

I'm still working on my movie. It's taking an enormous amount of time but I hope it's worth it. I will put it aside for a while to get some caricatures done this week though.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!
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