Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's been a good year ~ Thank you all

I wanted to take a few moments and thank all of the people who have supported me in the past year. On April 6th, 2010 I entered my first Photoshop contest at I was immediately hooked and began doing photo-manipulations as fast as I could turn them out. I entered 215 contests, most in less than 6 months. On May 30th, 2010 I attempted my first caricature and entered it into a contest. From that day, I knew what I wanted to do and have been working towards it ever since. I have a long way to go and an enormous amount to learn, but I’m doing what I love. Yes, it's been a good year. I am extremely fortunate to be where I am in such a short period of time. I'm not where I'm headed yet, but I'm on my way. On October 14th, 2010 I started my blog and a Facebook page about the same time. The image below is a jumbled up mess of screen captures with some pretty awesome statistics on my Blog, Facebook, Linkedin etc. and glimpses into a few places I can be found on the web. All achieved in 1 year with your support. Please click the image below to view full.
Click here to view full

Here are a few interesting facts about what, with your support, you guys have helped me achieve in 1 year.
My Blog has 77,300+ hits and 450+ total followers from 152 Nations since October. WOW! I have 1,865+ Facebook Friends in the same period of time. I also just started a Facebook Fan Page in February and it already has 200+ Likes. I have 1,200+ direct business connections at Linkedin, which I just joined on October 31st 2010. I have 400+ Followers since August 2010. The support has been incredible. I have been commissioned by Bauer Media Group UK to do 10 Photo-Manipulated Caricature Illustrations for FHM Magazine and Tennis Magazine in the past 4 months. An absolutely unbelievable break for me and so soon. The following are links to some of my online portfolios I’ve built in the past year also with your support:

Facebook Personal Page
Facebook Fan Page
Behance Network
Flickr Photostream
Wittygraphy The Caricature Community
YouTube Channel
and about 40 other blogs / portfolios / listings which can be found on my Google Profile.

I owe all of you, my friends a debt of gratitude. I have had tremendous support everywhere I've been and as you can see, accomplished a good bit in 1 year. Thanks so much to all of you who have given me the support and encouragement to push on. I thank you in advance for your continued support as I learn from the masters and grow as an artist. I have met far too many good friends to count along the way and I hope to make many more. Yes, it's been a good year and I am the luckiest man in the world, but 2011 is going to be even better so don't go anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Tonight I decided to go ahead a do Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at the request of several friends over the past months. I've posted the original source image below as well as a short video interview of this very young, very rich man.
Source image:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FHM Magazine / Totti & Panucci ~ "Excuses"

Tonight I'm posting mildly manipulated caricatures of Francesco Totti and Christian Panucci of Italy's team, which are part of a two-page spread illustration I did for FHM Magazine. Below is a rough layout of the illustration. They haven't sent me a copy of the magazine yet, so I don't know exactly how it came out. The theme was "The 25 Best Excuses Of All Time". Tottie was quoted blaming his poor performance on his shoes hurting his feet and Panucci was quoted blaming his poor performance on the thread in his socks being too rough. This was the job OI was suppose to get free reins on...Not hardly. They provided the faces and the bodies. There was no freedom and as some of the other jobs, required very mild caricature.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artist Feature ~ BRAD KUNKLE ~ LIGHT & LEAF

B R A D   K U N K L E  ~  L I G H T  &  L E A F

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." ~ Pablo Picasso

"...the mission of the artist in an overtechnologized, overmasculanized society was to call the old magic back to life." ~ Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

Born in rural Pennsylvania, Brad Kunkle spent his younger years exploring and romanticizing the beauty of the sparse countryside and the deep forests around him.  From an early age he was drawn to the worlds of Maxfield Parrish and the Pre-Raphaelites --worlds, he says, "where a subtle, supernatural beauty seems to be hiding under the breath of women --worlds where something beyond our natural perception is waiting to be found."

He studied painting at Kutztown University mostly under George Sorrels, who was taught by a pupil of the 19th century Academic painter, William Adolphe Bougereau.   His minimal palette is inspired by the grisailles of early European masters and the haunting quality of antique photographs and daguerreotypes.

As a decorative painter in his mid twenties, he leafed entire walls in copper.  Beguiled by the shifting, life-like nature of the surfaces, Brad began to incorporate gilding in his work, which provided the unreal quality he had been looking for to convey his moody, romantic ideas of human nature and ritual.

Brad's work has appeared on the covers of International Artist and American Art Collector magazine as well as in Fine Art Connoisseur, American Arts Quarterly and Kunst.  His world premiere solo exhibition sold out opening night in April of 2010 at Arcadia Fine Arts in New York City.

LIGHT & LEAF ~ The surfaces of these oil paintings are embellished with genuine gold and silver leaf. These precious metals are used as symbolic elements as well as visual instruments to interact with the viewer’s movements and environment. The leafed areas will shift with the intensity of light in a space, or as one simply walks across the room.

NOTE: Please click images for full view

Click below to visit Brad's Web Site:

A  R  C  A  D  I  A    F  I  N  E    A  R  T  S     N  e  w  Y  o  r  k
email:     telephone:   212.965.1387

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Napoleon Sarkozy

Tonight I have a manipulated caricature of French President Nicolas Sarkozy as Napoleon Bonaparte in the famous painting by French Painter Jacques-Louis David, which was requested by a dear friend of mine from France. This one's for you Sylvia! I tried to find a French poodle in keeping with the French theme but couldn't find any good ones. I altered the painting just a bit as well as I did Sarkozy who made a great model. I had a lot of fun with the body and the puppy. I couldn't resist the puppy epaulettes. I hope he likes it. Sorry I couldn't do the First Lady Sylvia, she's just too pretty. I've posted the source images below.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TENNIS Magazine ~ The Bryan Brothers

This is the layout for the two page spread I did for TENNIS Magazine / Bauer Media featuring "the Bryan Brothers". Never heard of them myself. I wasn't sure if I was going to post this because I really don't like it, but it's what they wanted. The story was about how "the Bryan brothers" disliked playing doubles Tennis. They requested a very mild caricature and these guys have no personality anyhow by the look of those blank faces. This is just how it was delivered. Obviously there was other text, title... I don't know. The job / concept was still in the air when I delivered it so I have no idea how it turned out. In fact, I had to send a layer PSD file so they could arrange it the way they wanted. It's certainly not something I would put in a portfolio. Well, that business. There are often tight reins on your ability to inject any creativity into the project.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Featured Artist ~ Robin Eley

I made a new Facebook friend today and discovered a brilliant artist named Robin Eley. I was totally amazed at this young man's talent. I'm posting what little I was able find out about him personally, several of his incredible paintings as well as two step by step videos of his. I'm usually very careful not to post long videos or multiple videos as I know you guys have busy schedules, but you MUST take a few moments and watch these video demonstrations. I promise, you will be blown away! The first one is of the paining above and the second is a self portrait.

Robin Eley was born in London in 1978, migrating with his family to Australia at the age of 3. In 1997 he moved to California where he attended Westmont College, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts and captaining the basketball team. In 2002 he returned to Australia where he now lives with his wife Rachel. If you are interested in getting to know more about Robin Eley, you can find him on Facebook, follow him on his Facebook Artst's Page and visit his Web Site. I will also provide a link to his web site at the botton of the post. Here are a couple of articles if you would like to read up on him a bit: "Robin Eley paints Tom Gleghorn for the Archibald Prize" and "What do I know?".

Please click on the images provided for the full view so you can see the incredible detail and delicacy of his work.

Sit back and enjoy a brilliant artist at work!

Only 2 more minutes...

Robin Eley's Web Site

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jay-Z II

Tonight I decided to do another manipulated caricature of Rapper Jay-Z. He has those famous lips and ears so I couldn't resist. I've enjoyed doing this sort of mini series on Rappers. They have lots of character and pretty much anything goes as far as the background is concerned, although I had a little trouble deciding what to do with this one. I must have scrapped 10 versions. I'm still not sure about it but it's done and I seldom revisit a manipulation. Once they're done, it's history. Time to move on and try and make something better. I've included the source images I used below as well as an interview with Jay-Z by David Letterman at the bottom of the post, so stick around for that.
Source images used:

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Masthead Redesign and YouTube Video

I got caught up in a bunch of random stuff today, so I didn't get a caricature done but I did redo my masthead. Actually, an anonymous blog follower pointed out to me that the word “manipulation” was misspelled on the old masthead. I couldn't believe I had done that and it's been almost a year without someone noticing it. Well, it was due for a change anyhow. It was kind of old and drab. There's a reason why I put a picture of what is clearly embedded at the top of my blog. When this post is shared, the top image is selected for the thumbnail that will display so don't worry, you don't have double vision.

I also posted a video below of a collection of my manipulated caricatures completed over a span of the last 6 months of 2010. Can't wait for the 2011 retrospective version. It's going to be a lot better. I have also been busy every day now for the last 2 weeks working on a new video for you. This one is going to be really clean. I'm creating it at 1024 x 768 pixels for high Definition and everything is aspect ratio correct with no cropped images showing blank space on either side. I did a lot of background recreating. I hope to have it done real soon but I'm really putting the fine detail work on this one so I don't want to rush it. I'm going to be in need of some background music that is YouTube copyright proof. Anyone know of any good music, maybe in the Creative Commons category? Anyhow, relax and take a break from your busy schedule and take a look at 2010, my first ever caricatures.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

50 CENT ~ 21 Questions

Tonight I have a manipulated caricature of rapper 50 Cent. The guy gas brutal features, so there were a few different ways I could have taken this one. I came very close to scrapping this one. Nothing seemed to be going right, then I zoomed back to a small thumbnail and I saw what my problem was and was able to correct it. So there's a lesson there. Don't get caught up in the details in the early stages. Take a step back and look at the whole thing. There's plenty of time for details in the end. Not to say this is a flawless caricature. It's far from it and I learned a lot from this one so I'm sure I could do a much better job the second time around. Well, it is what it is. I've posted the original source images below for comparison. I kind of blended the two. There's also a video of 50 Cent performing 21 Questions. It's the only one that wasn't X-rated. I try to keep it clean for this blog.

50 Cent performing 21 Questions

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Smile ~ International Goodwill Outreach to Children

"Project Smile" ~ The international goodwill outreach to children and their families created by inspirational initiator and director, Marek Wysoczyński and asisted by Sylvia Adjabroux.
Marek Wysoczyński is a director of the Culture Promotion Office and organize various concerts and novel exhibitions all over the World. Marek organized an exhibition of 1000 autographs as a part of the Millennial Anniversary of the City of Gdansk. That was the start of the idea to collect autographed smiles for Children’s Hospitals and also for other Institutions. In the midst of a very busy position, he has managed to inspire others with a ’brainwave’, the simple but wonderful, empowering concept of an exhibition of ’smiles’ from celebrities of all ilks from all over the world!

A smile is possible to create in a moment, even in the most difficult times. When we look at a child’s smile, even if we are in mourning, are ill or in trouble, we smile instinctively. Smiles joined with autographs are something to introduce joy into our lives and into hospitals both for children and adults.

"A Smile, it is a drop of crystallized Joy. When a child smiles at us we smile, everyone, everywhere! A child’s smile is pure holiness, a gift of life, not to be sullied by the evil of unhappiness. When giving sick children our warm smiles, we return their own smiles to them and remind ourselves of the smiles of our own youth!" ~ Marek Wysoczyński 

This was my smile entry but it can be as simple as a line drawing. Take a few moments a create a smile for this awesome cause and be sure to autograph it. For more information about "Project Smile", there is a great Interview with Marek Wysoczyński Here and a note from Marek as well as a short list of celebrity smiles at the end of this post. A dear friend I met on Facebook, Sylvia Adjabroux has also devoted months away from her painting to the "Smile Project". She has a Facebook page called "SMILES PROJECT FRANCE SAB" Be sure to vist her page and support this cause.

Submit Your Smile Today!
Mail to:
Marek Wysoczynski
Krzywoustego 22/14
 80 360 Gdansk

 In preparation for an exhibition for Polish children's hospitals I have been collecting for some months now, hand-drawn "smiles" by Polish personalities. Now it is time to invite celebrities from abroad to participate in this project.

    My aim is to present to children in Polish hospitals ( and then in other countries) hand drawn smiles by 1000 famous people from home and abroad. Hence it would give me great pleasure if you could find a second in your busy day and draw any sort of smile that takes your fancy and forward it to me for our exhibition.

    After the exhibition's grand opening in the Royal Castle in Warsaw,  these "Smiles" will be presented in all Polish children's hospitals and, in this way, we hope to lighten their stay in hospital.
    Presuming your approval, it is our plan to produce an exhibition catalogue which will include the best "smiles". By this method we hope to raise revenue which will  help to provide for a number of different medical projects for children. When the touring exhibition is completed, all the origional Smiles will be made available to selected children's hospitals.
    If you have any personal preferences these will, of course, be taken into consideration. Furthermore it will be my pleasure to give you any more information you may require on this project.
     This is my second exhibition. The first was organized for the millenium celebration of Gdansk where I presented an exibition entitled “1000 autographs for 1000 years of the City of Gdansk" which was held at thePolish Maritime Museum .  I am , by occupation, the director of the Culture Promotion Office in Gdansk, where I organize, and make arrangements for concerts, mainly in Poland but also abroad.
Your's sincerly
your Marek Wysoczynski
General Manager of Culture Promotion Office

I got many Polish celebrities smiles , here only few  of them:

Grazyna AuguscikAlicja Bachleda-CurusWladyslaw BartoszewskiWlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Zbignbiew Brzezinski,Ula DudziakAgnieszka HollandRyszard HorowitzJan AP KaczmarekMaria KaczynskaBronislaw KomorowskiAneta Lastik
Jerzy MaksymiukKazimierz MarcinkiewiczTadeusz MazowieckiAdam MichnikLeszek MozdzerWieslaw OchmanRoxana PanufnikKrzysztof PendereckiRoman PolańskiJerzy SkolimowskiKrzysztof SkubiszewskiTomasz StańkoAlan Starski
Jerzy SztuhrWislawaSzymborskaDonald TuskMichal UrbaniakAndrzeja WajdaLech WalesaKrzysztof ZanussiTeresa Zylis-Gora
 but also many from abroad.
Argentin Armenia Australia Belarussia Belgium Bosnia&Herzegovina Brasilia BulgarieaBurmaChinaColumbiaCosta Rica Cyprus Danemark Dominican RepublicEastland EgyptFinnland Frankreich Georgien Germany Ghana GriechenlandGrossbritanien  Guatemala, Guinea Indien Indonesien Iran Irland Iceland Israel Jamajka Japan Jordanien Kanada Kazachstan KoreaKroatien Kuba Kuwait,LaosLatviaLiechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexiko MonacoNeuZeland Niderlanden Norwegen Oesterreich Pakistan Palaestina Panama  PeruRumunien Russland Salomon Insel San Marino Schweden SchweizSenegal Serbien Singapor Slovakei Slovenien Spanien Sri LankaSuedAfrika Syria Tschechien Tuerkei Ukraine UngarnUnited Arab EmiratesUruguay USA Vatikan Venezuela VietnamZambia like Jenny AgutterDanny AielloEdward AlbeePedro AlmodovarPaul AnkaTimothy Garton AshVladirmi AshkenazyEd AsnerNatasha AtlasFord AustinCharles AznavourJoan BaezMichael BallhausIan BannenJose Manuel Barroso Patriarch Bartholomeus Elena BashkirovaAl Bano CarrisiJose CuraJim BerrySchanna BitchewskaBONEY MKlaus Maria BrandauerGoran BregovicLane BrodyPierce BrosnanFrans BrueggenRenato BrusonEricBurdon Joseph CallejaDavid CarradineJim CarreyVin CerfJackie ChanPetula Clark Hillary ClintonPaulo CoelhoJose CuraJan CzarnogurskyCharlie DanielsJim DavisFaye DonowayShirin EbadiMohamed ElBaradeiBenita Ferrero Waldner Ben Foster Samantha FoxAnne FrancisNelly FurtadoJan GarbarekJean Paul GaultierUri GellerGarouIvan GasparovicSilvia GasparovicovaAndrei GavrilovValery Gergiev Michail Sergejewitsch GorbatschowMarcia Gay HardenIan GilianNelson GoernerWhoopi GoldbergRobert GouletStefi GrafGuenter GrassFerenc GyurcsanyNina HagenBernard Haller Nicolaus HarnoncourtThomas HampsonVaclav HavelDagmar HavlovaTony HawkNicole HeestersDavid HelfgottEdward FuchsBarbara HendricksChristine HoerbirgerRobert HollLord Douglas Hurd of Westwell Sumi JoPatricia KaasKAJAGOOGOOKenneth KanundaLloyd KaufmannKevin KennerJohn Joseph KennedyNigel KennedyJohn Kent HarrisonNastasia KinskyEmma KirkbyAngelika Kirchschlaeger Livia KlausovaSiergiej KowalioVytautas V, LandsbergisMichael O LeavittDesmond Llewelyn Jay Leno Yundi LiSalvatore LicitraLimahlClaudia Llosa Dame Felicity LottPatti LovellesRadu LupuDavid LutzDavid LynchMargaret O'BrienThe OsbournesMischa MaiskyDiego MaradonnaJean MaraisJerry MarenMARILLIONArchbishop Piero MariniNevile MarrinerRicky MartinBobby McFerrinKatie MeluaAngela MerkelMarta MeszarosLiza MinelliKylie MinogueMODERN TALKINGSuzanne MubarakOlivia Newton-JohnQueen NoorMichael NymanGarrick OhlssonAnna PaquinMathew PeacemanMikhail PletnevMaja PlisieckajaIvo PogorevicJanez PotocnikPROCOLHARUMLiselotte PulverKatia RicciarelliAl RokerRuslanaSabrina Volker Schloendorf Joel SchumacherWolfgang SchuesselStephan SchwartzRenata ScottoBo Skovhus Britney SpearsJerry SpringerShakin StevensStella StevensDang Thai SonTHEANIMALSChristoph Thun-HohensteinChaim Topol TOTOHerman van VeenSuzanne VegaMaxim VengerovTomas VenclovaGuenter VerheugenVaira Vike-FreibergaRosa von PraunheimRoger Waters Christina WeissSchewach WeissMarianne WeizsaeckerRichard WeizsaeckerWim Wenders, Guido Westerwelle, Princess Wijdan AliKim WildeChristian WulffPeter ZelenkaZelju Zelev but also Mohamed Abla, Michelle Abrams, Juana Manuel Abras, Gianpiero Actis, Gerrz Adams, Brigitte Abt-Harrer, Edward Fenech Adami, Adam im Paradies,  Sylvia Adjabroux, Oma  Adomavicius, Sarunas Adomavicius, Shinod Akkaraparambil Fatih Akin,Rolf Aldagg,Safez Al Nimer,  Fatih Alas, Michael Aldag, Robert Aldous, Laith Al-Deen, John Alexander, Harun Alikadic, Joaquin Almunia, Georgios Alogoskoufis, Natalia Alonzo,Denise Altermatt, Dieter Althaus, Luis Althouguia, Alexander Aly, Brenno Ambrosini, Roger  Amstrong,  Moritz Andersen, Richard Anderson, Karolina Andersson, Laszlo Andor.  Oana Andra, Chris Andrews,Karin Angele, Vernica Anusca, Alan Arbus, Chris Arceneaux, Adam Arkapaw, Uladzimier Arlou,  Russel Arms,  Valerie Armstrong, Francisco Arroyo, Susan Asbjornson, Gertrude Asplund,  Peter Aston, Kristina Asztalos, Tzvi Avni, Bogdan Avoric, Kaliope Awraam,  Rana Azadivar,  Roberto Bacci, Maria Bachmann, Michael Backes, Walter Baco, Alena Baeva,  BAGATELLO, Rainer Baier, Daniel Baite, Andrej Bajuk, Carmen Balaque,   Zigmantas Balcytis, Jori Baldwin, Gian Nicola Filippi Balestra, Alicia Ballard, Vincenzo Balsamo, Jeatro Banal,Chrstian Banasik, Jens Bang-Rasmussen,Sam Baron,  Nate Barlow,  sam baron,Robert Bartko,   Alfonso Bassava,  Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva, Sandra Batista, Jorge Battle,  Roth Bauer,Rosa Baum,,  Sandra Bautista, Mario Beaudet, Rami Be'er, Susanne Behr, Maggie Bell,  David Gerard Bely,  Elisabetta Benfatto,   Sigalit Benjamin, Benji-le-Fakir,Robert Bennett,  Sonja Benskin Mesher,Yossi Berg, Alain Brian Bergant, Rolf Bergmeier, Jorge Andres Berlato,  Jill Bernard, Wayne Bernath,  Regina Berner, Erika Bernhard,Stuart Bernstein,Lieven Bertels, Sandra Betancort, Mathias Beyer-Khoy, Monica Biagoli, Rudolf Biermann, Ewa  Bilińska,  Adrian Biniez, Iris Biran,  Iva Bittova,    Guenter Birbaum,  Eszter Biro,Maria Bisso,  Ketil Bjornstad, Alyce Blue,Domino Blue, Andreas Blum, Edi Bocelli, Bodia, Roy C Booth, Tonya Borgeson,  Adolf Born, Aernschd Born, Erik Borner, Selena Boron, Otilia Bors, , Gwendolyn Bradley  Arnulf Braun, Timna Brauer,  Daniel Brevick, , Stan Briney,BRITISH BLUES QUARTET, Emil Brix, Arthur Brown, , Gordon Brown, Mack Brown, Christian Bruhn, Ilona Bryan, Jeffrey Bunce,  ,  Jeannine Burch,  Klaus Burger,  Jasmin Buric, Udo Burkhardt, Donald Burnett, Sally-Ann Burnett,  Frank Buseman,Patricia Caicedo,  Colin Campbell, Donald Canaday, Cania, Manuel Capdevila, , Mario Caroli, Louis Casson,   Thomas Chemnitz,Emily Chesley, Lidia Chiarelli, Claudia Christian, Monika Christ-Ricken,Emil Cic, Daniela Cipolla, Dorota Jovanka Cirlic, Ba Cissoko,  Andy Claus,Renate Coch, Christian Coigny, Donatella Collelti, Anne Collins, Carson Collins, Karl Collins, Daniel Coonan,  Beth Corddingly, Lilya Corneli, Rita Correia, Kirlianit Cortez,  Brian Cowen, K.Michael Crawford,  Jim Creighton,Alvin Crockett, Alba Cruz,  Primoz Cucnik ,   Irene Dahl, Iulia Maria Dan,  ,  Yuri Daniel, Lars Danielsson, Isotta Dardilli, John Daszak, Daublesky,  Wayne David, Eddie Davis,  Laila Davoy,Paul Dawber,, Berard Diaz de Icaza, Eddie Deezen,  Horst Deinwallner,  Veronica DeJesus, Kat DeLuna,  Reinbert de Leeuw, Maurice de Martin,  Sulan Demircan, Willem den Broeder, , Michael Denhoff, Claudio Desderi, Desimo, Wolfgang Guenter Deurer, Antoine de Villiers, Gail Devine,  Aiham Dib, Adrian Di Duca, Eugenia di Lorenzo, Dimo Dimov,  Violeta Dinescu, Renzi di Renzo,   Anica Dobra,  DOMINO BLUE,Konsul Doppelmayr,  Christoph Dostal,DOTHEATRE,  John Douglas, Zvone Dragan, Drenda Duff,    Heidi Dupre, Ferida Durokovic,  Silvana Dussman, Karel Dyba, D'Woolve,  Violetta Egorova, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr, Pia Eisenbarth,  Thorsten Eisingerich, Julio Elias,Christina H Eliasch,  Thomas Erik Lie, Inga Elsner, Frank Engeland, Claudia Engelen, Mathias Eule, Daniel Evans, Gian-Matteo Fagnini, Amr Fahmy ,Hadi Farajvand, Fahmy Fayed, ,Antonin Fajt, Theodor Feibel,  Lee Feinstein, Duggie Fields, Phil Files, Yaakov Finkelstein, Harold Finley, Rene Finn,Juergen Fischer,Pit Fischer, Doris Fitchen,  Markus Flaig, David Flatau, Matt Flint, José Maria Florêncio , Edit Fokosi, Masahiro Fokuyama, Anne Kerry Ford,  Matthias Foremny, Julius Frack, LUigi Francischello. , Rene Frank,  Zohar Fresco, Andre Fritz, Helmut Freudenschuss, Bernard Freymond,  Ingo Friedrich, Mikko Fritze, Lauren Frost, Stefan Fuele, Arturo Fuentes Jane Fulton Alt,Lexie Fyfe, James Galway,  Magdy Garas, Jonas Gahr Store, Marcos Garcia, Paulinho Garcia, Katrina Garner, Wenzel Gatarik, Simon Gaudenz, Jeffrey Gedmin,   Oliver Geissen, Chris Gelbmann, Brigitte Geller, Lukas Geniusas,  , Ljubisa Georgievski, Christian Gerhaher, David Geringas, Angela Gerstner,Geschiwster Hofmann,  walter Giers, Carmit Giladi-Pollard, Paola Girardi,Adela Gocan, Simona Gocan, Karin Goetz, Timotheus Gohl,  Yoram Golan, Gabi Goldova, Laticia Gomez-Tagle, Lawrence Gonzi,  Aviel Goodman,Diane Grace Goodman, Trudie Goodwin,Phil Gordon, Aljaz Gosnar,  Alenka Gotar, Constance Gounod, Ralf Grabasch, Red Grammer,   Ilona Grandke, Goran Granic, Carson Grant,  Eduard Grau, Joy Suzanne Grazev, Melody Green,  Ilse Gretenkord,  Joe Grice, Kenneth Griffith, Ciaran Griffiths,  Robin Gritton, Gabi Grobi,Diano Groo, Claus Grube,Jiri Grusa,  Dadi Gudbjornsson,Carola Guenther, Giuseppe Guerini, Gudrun Gullo, Brenden Gunnell, Trilok Gurtu, Katharina Gutensohn, Alvaro Lozano Gutierrez, , Emmanuel Gutierrez,   Raul Grance Gutierez, Havva Guven, Thomas Habitsch, Cania-Michael Hackl, Cyde Hagel,  Friedrich Haider,Ron Haldai,Tanja Haller,  John F Hamm, Stephen Hammond, Brent Hardt, Smith Harrison,   Daniel Hart, Otmar Hasler,Kimitaro Hatori,Liza Hayden,  Thomas Haydn, Emilia Havariova, Zahi Hawass, Philipp Hebestreit, Conrad Hechter, Eero Heinaluoma, Susett Heise,   , Florence Henderson,   , Daniel Hensel, Jens Hepner,  Eckart Herold, Pol Herrera,  Paul Hertel,  Ruth Herz, G Hesch, Enno Hesse,Todd Hido, Nora Hilb, David Hilton, Ludwig Hirsch, Dion Hitchings, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Jim Hodges,  Paul Hodgeson, Kerstin Hoeckel, Joh Hoeven, Rainer Hoffmann,Craig Holden Femberg, Bernhard Hoecker, Mark W Hollen,Stephan Hollich, Ursula Hollington,Dorothea Holloway, Ron Holloway,Christina Holsten, Helmut Holter,Danilo Hondo,   Bernhard Hooecker, Graene Hopson,  Cornelia Horak, S.Ch.Horsch, Marco Hort, Jonny Hoskins, Stephen Hough, Ryan Hreljac, Zdenek Hruska , Asfalt Huette, Ian Hughes, Ron Huldai, Kai Hundertmarck, Jenny Hunter-Groat, Mesut Iktu, Toomas hendrik Ilves, IN-Grid, Celeste Innocenti, H.Peter Irberseder, Mehmet Ali Irtemcelik,  Wolfgang Ivens, Dimitry Ivashchenko , Bruno Jahara,  Herve Jamar, Jenny Jenkins, Rita Joao,Morgan Johansson,  Howard David Johnson, Kara Johnstad, Kyle Johnsrton, Jean-Claude Juncker, Nina Juraga,Mutlu Kadife,  Katharina Kahler, Angel Kai-Ling Chang, Oliver Kalkofe, Siim Kallas, Erik Kaltoft,   Frits Kamp, Kazo Kanala,  Swetła Karaneszewa, Miroslav Karas, Charlote Karlstedt, Erin Katsura Colfax,  Bernard Katzeff, Wolfgnag Katzer, Angela Kazimierczuk, Bill Kellett, Dave Kelly, Andreas Kerkhof, Judith Kernke, Moira Kerr, Sude Khanian, Vroni Kifer, Brant Kingman, Bishop Kiril,  Hagen Klennert, , Paul Kline, Maris Klisans, Andreas Kloeden,  Douglas Kmiec,  Jan Knightley, Sarah Knobloch,  Martin Kobler,  Rene Koch, Erazim Kohak, Timo Koljonen,  Alfred Komarek, David Kopp,Stas Korolov, Vera  Koschunova, Katarina Koscova,  Ari Marcus Koskinen, DB Kostiun, Sunil Kothari,Koko Kovacs,  Laszlo Kovacs, Ilia Kozhuharov, Evgeny Kozlov,D kRammer, Reinhart Kraus,, Jeannot Krecke, Sandr a Kreisler, Mikhail Krichman,   Tom Kristensen,   Claudia Krueger, Ruth Maria Kubitschek,    Arthur Kuggeleyn, Sibyllee Kuhne,  Ivan Kujundzic, Marcel Kurpershoek,  Maria Kusmuk,Taras Kuzmych Ala Kwade,  Robert La Bua, Tomas Lacke,  LaFemme,Miriam Lahnstein,  Pedro Lamge-Mastell, R. Lanning,Richard Larson,  Maria Larsson. W I  Laszko,  Jan Latham-Koenig, Karl-,  Flora Lauten, Arnhild Lauveng, N.R. Leasman,  Chris Lebenzon,  Bertrand Le Guern, Fraukes Lehn,Georg Leiste,  Doris Lemmermeier,Stefano Lentini, Paco Leon, Olena Leonenko,  Martin Leopoldseder, Alex Lester,Elena Leszczynska, Yoav Levy, Leslie Lewis, Lowell Liebermann,Lina,  Linaz, Luk Linn, Lea Linster Lea Little, Fritz Little,  ,Gesine Loetzsch, Rick London, Markus K.Losse, Tomaz Lovrencic, Peter Lucas, Anna Luehrmann, Natasa Lukanovic,  Rafael Lukjanik, Christina Lux, Omar M. , Robert Lyon Rasner,  Bishop John Mackey, Susanne Maddock, MAHOUSE, Ula Maiti, Ian Maksin, Randal Malone, Silvana Malta,Joe Manchin III,  Ben Mangham,  Hans Manneby;, Jack Markell, Marlies,  Chandler Marks,  Jeff Martin, Michael Martin, Eleonora Marton , Noura Masri, . Mauro Matson, Hermine May, Philieppe Maystadt, Maverick,  Michael Mawby, Murray McArthur, Scott McCallum, Charlie McCreevy, Lori McElrath-Eslick, McGivern,  Dominic McHale, Liam McKahay,  Ian McKellen, Liam McKenna, John McLaughlin, Paul McNamara, Nova Meierhenrich, Egidijus Meilunas,  Ecco Meinecke, Aziz Melibayev,  Vince Mendoza, Laurent Metraux,,Laurenz Meyer, Abwadi Meza,Fernando Miceli,Valeri Michailkowski,  Georg Milbradt, Ludas Mikalauskas,  Thomas J Miller, Antonio Milososki, Stephen M Minikes, MITCH&MITCH,Carlos Mode, Lars Moller, Olivia Molina, Wilhelm Molterer, Ron Monnier, Guy Montavan, Ricardo Moreso, U.B. Morgan,  Dorothea Moritz,  Ruth Moschner,Amr Moussa, Hanno Mueller-Brachmann,Yoshika Murakami, Xavier Musca,  Jaywant Naido, Michail Narinski, NASTYHABITS,  Daniela Nard,Natascha, Edita Nazaraite, Scott Neal, Clari Netzer, , Hannu Niemela,Elaine Niemi,  Dorica Nikolic, Miroslav  Noga, Hella Nohl, Bjorn  Fredrik Nonhoff,  Hakan Nordman, David Norman, Par Nuder, Lothar Odiunius,  Edward Ofusu, Dragica Ohashi, OHLAURA, Harold Olejarz,  Arni Oli Asgeirsson, David Oliver, Vibeke Olsen, , Aileen Oracion, Plamen Vassiler Oresharski,  Joaquin Oristrell, Marion Otnes, Boukrif Oualid, Inka Pabst,Nicholas Pack, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa,  Priit Pajos, George Pallipparambil, Lucas Papademos, Lizsa Papathanassi, Andy Pape, Jong Park, Danielle Partielle, James Patten,Lynn Parsons,  Maadi Payman, Joey Pearson,  Matthew Peaceman, Adolf Peichl, Patrizia Pellegrino,  Simon Penman, Pepe der Clown,  Mario Perestegi,  Marco Pessa,  Juhan Parts,Petra Pau, Sisssy Perlinger, Walter Persch, J.C. Peterson, Boris Petrushansky, Bishop Gerard Pettipas,   Deborah Phillips, Kham Phout, Lisa Pic, Sueli Piciri,  John Charles Pierce,Simon Pierro, Gertrur Pigor, Moe Pik, Austen Pinkerton,Carmelita Pittman, , Matt Pokora, Milan Polak, Levi Porter, Wayne Potratz, Jennifer Poulter, Daniel Poznanski,Claudio Prentela ,Sitter Primus, Priscilla, Gwyn Pritchard, Anton Prohaska,Sascha Prood, Svetlana Proskurina, Thomas Prouza, Hardeep Puri,   Dmitry Rachmanov,  Azadeh Rahimian, Elahe Rahimian, Jan Ramage,  Rosella Ramanazini, Alicja Ramanzoni ,Icchak Rapoport,  Stefan Rauter,Andy Rawn, Philip T.Reeker, Solveig Johnson Reeker, Gerhard Reese, Walter Reicher,   Jana Reiner, Betty Reitsma, Susannee Reuter,  Martine Rhyner, Rolf Riehm, Andre Riemer,  Rijvaan, Bob Riley, Gabriele Riva,  GianLuca Robanconi, Matjaz Robavs, Chris Roberts,Claudia Roberts,   Sandra Robertz,  Sylvie Robin, Bryan Robson, Carla Rodriguez  Mancia,  Patrick Romer, Anthony Rooley,  Erika Roos, George Rossi, Myron Ross, Adrian Ross-Magenty,  Joerg Rothe, Clive Rowe,    Lenneke Ruiten,  Alest Rukov,  Julie Ruterbories, Frantisek Ruzicka,Kate Ryan, Niklas B Rygert, Marcin Sader,Yutaka Sado,Kristin Safes, Tomoko Sagawa, Heiko Sakurai, Manuel Salazar,  Kristin Sales, Anna Samuil,  Lynn Santer-Auntie Lynn, Augusto Santos, Gevorg Sargsyan,Michalis Sarris,  Fabio Sassi, Deborah Sasson, Jan Saudek, Claudia Scarpatetti,  Jan Schaffrath,  Robert Schechner,  Gaby Scheld, Bettina Schinko,   Schiffkovitz, ,Werner Schulze-Erdel,Schemann Pianoduo, Lucio Schiavon,,Edith M Schmidinger,  Sebastian Schnoy,  Rodion Schtschedrin, Rabin Michael Schudrich, Hanns Schumacher,  Eberhard Schuppius,Gisela Schuto,Frank Scicchitano,Jan Sechter, Secret Garden, Maros Sefcovic, Ina Seidel-Bogen, Pierre Sellal, Eihars Semanis,  Marjan Setinc,  Will Shank, Alex Shapiro, Dave Shapiro, Liz Sharma,Enkelejda Shoksa, Michael Sheehy, Niv Sheinfeld , Kristin Sigmundsson, Matjaz Simkovec,Hywel Simons, Alexndra Simons-de Ridder, Nick Simper,  Suhendan Simsek, Jim Sinclair , vana  Siresova,  Olof Sjostrom,Kate Slater,  Anastas Slavchev,  Adrian Smith, Joshua Sobol, Daniel Sobrancki,  Gunda Soennichsen-Passchl, Aivar Soerd,  Pedro Solbes Mira,  Magaly Solier, Khom ,Song, Burning Spear, Vladimir Spidla,Oskars Spurdzins,  Silvia Sun,Sumo, Siergiej Stadler,  Michelle Stafford,  Ananka Starovieyska-Zick, Lena Stefenson, Raphael Steger,  Barbara Stepensen, ,  Jonas Gahr Stoere, David M Stoll,Pedrag Stojanovic, Kosta Stoimenovski, Vittorio Storaro, , Jonas  Michaela Strachan, Adrian Strebel,Wolfgang Streininger, Rider Strong, Ivan Strpka,   Mavis Stucci, Tim Stuetz, Silvia Sun, Paula Sutter, Tdashi Suzuki, Istvan Szello, Tomas Szynyog,Chiari Taigi,Terry Talbot, Vera  Tatar, Nessi Tausendschoen,Aleksander Tekeliev, Mother Tekla ss.Brigitte,  Pilitsdis Tilemachos, Natalie Tinn,  Itay Tiran,  Lubomir Todorov,  Zoran Todorovich, Phillip Tolley, Viktoria Tolstoy, Armando Torres,  Boris Trajanov,  David Transue, Peter Traxler,  Marlene L. Tremblay,   Sophie Trenka-Dalton,Raffaele Trevisani,Tatiana Tsankova, Troja Tuende,  April Turner,  Kerry Turner, Amy Tuso, Vladimir Tvaroska, Pedro Tzontemoc, Georg Uecker, Gerd Uecker, Dmitrij Ulianow, Thomas Ullbors,  Matthias Unger, Dolly Unitham, Claudia Urbschat-Mingues, Francoise Yagapen,  Berta Yampolsky, Rina Yerushalmi, Ahmet Yesil, Terry Young, Natalya Yurechko,   Bernard Valero, Sina Valeska, Martin van Dijk , Ilona van Hoek, , Sandi van Hoek, , Werner van Mechelen,  Caren van Oijen,  Karoline Varin-Jarkowski,  Sara Varon, Gianfranco Varvesi,Manuela Varvesi, Stephan Vavrik,VELVET, Anthony Venditti, Michaela Venturin, Janos Veres,  Daniel Vigneron,  Danu Vincent, Vittorio Vitelli, Bernardo Viterbo, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas,  Sebastian Vladescu, Friedrich von Thun, Max von Thun, Zeljko Vukosav, Stefan Vurchio, Alexander Wagendristel, Ulf Wallin, Marta Walter,Peter Watson,  Caroline Wegner,David Weightman, Steffen Weseman, Peter Wesenauer, Steffan Wessels,  Ellen West, Kim West,Heather Wheeler,  Joyce Wheeler, Stella White,  Graham  W White, Joanna Whittle, Kathleen Wilkinson, Shirley Williams Laara Williamsen, Robert Wilson, Jenny Winkler,   Igor Winnschenko, Alexander Winukorow,  WISE GUYS,Matthias Wissmann, Kun Woo Paik, Leotarek  Woytasik , Maroussia WoytasikNatalia Woytasik,  Annie Wood, Karen Wood, Roland Wood, Anne Worbes, Gregor Woschnagg,Leotarek Woytasik,  Natalia Woytasik,  Dirk Wuestenberg, Regina Wyatt,  Vitalij Wydra, Erik Zabel, Gerrit Zalm, Erhard Zander, Kanwal Zafar, Andreas Zaron, Bronislav Zatic,Lawrence Zazzo, Stefan Zeifler, Mans Zelmerloew, Andros Zemendis,Peter Zick, Omar Zniber,  Robert Zollitsch, Arianna Zukerman, Ion Zurcher, Dieter Zwirchmaier...

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