Monday, December 6, 2010

Rev. Al Sharpton

I'm working on a couple of projects right now and was running out of time so I decided to do a quick caricature study of Al Sharpton by request. I hadn't thought of doing him and he turned out to be a great subject. This Study is not in what I consider a finished state. It was strictly for practice. I want to do something a bit more extreme next time. I'll have to find the right subject for it. For example, I love the work of Russ Cook. He really pushes the limits with his caricatures. I don't expect to turn out a caricature comparable to his but I want to experiment with some extreme exaggeration. Russ has a gift of exaggerating a face until it is completely contorted, yet he captures the essence of the person. Check his work out. It's awesome stuff. Well, it's getting late so that's it for tonight.

Update: Al Sharpton Tweaked

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