Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Gavin Ferdinand (born 7 November 1978) is an English footballer. He plays at center back for Manchester United in the Premier League and in 2010, became captain of the England national football team. He has amassed 78 caps for England in total, and has been a member of three FIFA World Cup squads. I imagine you football fans know much more about him than that. It was a snippet from Wikipedia. His name is a link to his Wikipedia page if you want to learn more about him.
Tonight's project was a full body caricature of Rio Ferdinand. I seldom do a full body caricature like this. Normally when I do a caricature manipulation, I use a completely different body. I thought this image was cool with the rain, so I decided to keep it in tact and manipulate the whole picture. It created a couple of challenges but was a lot of fun. I'm providing the original image below for comparison.

I've had requests to do a caricature of Diego Maradona but I can't seem to find a good image. Help!
Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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