Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caricature and Aging Study

This is a very rough work in progress. I've done a caricature and aging study of Hillary and Obama. This will eventually be worked into a finished piece. I got a good bit done tonight considering I started four hours ago with two plain photos. I actually had more done than this but I'm waiting until it's complete to reveal anymore. This was a pretty straight forward caricature for the both of them and then I started on the aging process which is new to me. This is the first time I've attempted aging a person. As I said, this is very rough and unfinished. The final product will have the correct contrast, color, saturation and details. I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of what's to come. Well, that's enough for one night, off to bed now. Hope you enjoy and have a great day!
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